Why Do Speakers Make Noise When Phone Rings? (Answered)

Speakers can sometimes make noise when your phone rings. This is something that many people have observed, but most people do not know the reason behind this occurrence. Some people get concerned that their phone or their speakers are going to cause damage to one another when this happens. Thankfully, your speakers and your phone are both safe, even if this is something that you notice happening when you get a phone call.

The reason that your speakers make noise when your phone rings are because of RF interference. GSM phones can also cause this to happen because they are made with a frame rate signal in the protocol that causes a lot of RF interference. This was something that was overlooked when these phones were being developed, and it is a known issue today for this kind of occurrence.

Why Do Phones Cause Speaker Interference?

The reason that your speakers make noise when your phone rings are because of the RF interference that is generated by your phone. The circuit that powers your speakers can act as an antenna and catch the mobile phone’s RF communication. This causes interference which gets added to the normal sound that your speakers are producing. This sound might be loud or not that noticeable, depending upon a variety of different factors related to the signal that is being produced by your phone.

This sounds like buzzing in most cases, but it can also have a more tonal aspect to it, like an odd musical note. The same kind of interference happens with all phones that can cause this to take place. You might just experience different kinds of sounds in some cases than in others. This is not an ideal situation, but it will not harm your speakers or your phone. 

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GSM phones do actually consider this to be a defect in the phone design, but they were so far into designing these devices when it was discovered that this would happen that it was too late to turn back. Considering how mild the problem really is when it comes to your use of your phone or speakers, this has never been something that was worth losing sleep over. If you do hate to have this kind of problem rear it’s head when you are playing music or watching a movie, just turn your phone off to avoid this problem if someone should happen to call you.

Phones Can Cause Speaker Interference When They Ring

Your phone might cause speaker interference when it rings due to RF signals that are captured by the speaker when it acts like an antenna. This is not a concern for the well-being of either of these devices, and you should not panic if you notice that this is happening when you get a phone call. If you hate that it does take place, just be sure to turn off your phone when you are using your speakers so that there is no chance that interference will take place.

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