Do Speakers Affect LED TVs? (Answered)

TVs that offer a really nice resolution and are easy to hang on the wall are decreasing in price overall. That does not mean that you don’t have to spend a pretty penny on a quality TV, but you don’t have to spend as much as in years past. When you buy something like a really nice TV, you don’t want anything to happen to it that shortens its lifespan.

Speakers will not affect the health of your LED TV unless, of course, you throw them at the TV. All jokes aside, there are no components in your speakers that will damage anything inside of or related to your TV. LED TVs are very hardy these days, and not much will damage them. Many people think that LED TVs will be fragile because of how lightweight and thin they are, but that is not the case.

Are There Any Components in Speakers That Could Affect a TV?

The reason that many people ask about speakers harming their LED TVs is because there are magnets inside of speakers. The magnets that are in your speakers help them to create sound waves, which are essential to creating sound. The magnet in each is not large, but people are worried about this magnet due to old CCTV TVs.

CCTV TVs could be ruined by placing a magnet against the screen, but this was because of the design of these older TVs. LED TVs are not sensitive to magnets because they are not using a magnetic field to create the image that is being displayed on the screen. LED TVs are very efficient, and they are not at all susceptible to the components in speakers.

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Your speakers will also not be connecting to your TV in such a way that they can transfer unwanted current to the TV. This would be the only possible thing that could harm your TV, but the design of speakers prohibits them from causing damage of this kind to an LED TV. Speakers are made with a minimal number of parts that are not plastic, and the magnets inside of the standard speaker would not even harm a CCTV TV.

Speaker Components Cannot Damage an LED TV

Speaker components are not complex, and none of the items that are inside a speaker will harm your LED TV. LED TVs are very hardy, and they are not affected by magnets like an old CCTV TV could be. Speakers are not made to connect to your TV in such a way that they can impart current to the TV that should not be delivered to it either. 

The components inside of speakers are very minimal, considering what a speaker can do. You can hang your speakers near your TV or place them near your TV without concerns about the health of your LED TV. This technology has come a very long way over time, and LED TVs are much more durable than they look like they would be.

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