Do Speakers Get Better With Age? (Answered)

Every part of a quality sound system is expensive to purchase. This can mean that you might be hoping that you will get many more years of use from your speakers than the expected lifespan from the manufacturer. Speakers can last for a very long time, but they are not made to last for more than thirty years at the most.

Speakers will tend to get worse with age, with reduced sound quality or a loss of sound separation between channels. Speakers depend upon vibration to create noise, which means that all of the parts inside of your speaker are always moving when you are using them. This movement will eventually wear out certain parts of the speakers and make them less effective at producing quality sound.

Which Parts in Speakers Can Wear Out?

Speakers are made up of a bunch of moving parts, and all of them can get worn out over time. That does not mean that certain parts are not more prone to getting worn down than others. You will find that the cone can deteriorate, which can impact the ability of the speaker to resonate and make full and loud sounds. Your speaker’s spider spring might lose tension, which can throw off the cone balance as well.

However, new speakers do sound better after they have been broken in a little. This process can take a few weeks on average, and this is something that most people can confirm is the case. Speakers that are tight will not resonate as well as speakers with a bit of use. The trouble is that the loosening process will continue as you use your speakers, leading to components wearing out.

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Speakers are not made to last for more than about thirty years max. Most companies will promise you about 10-12 years for standing speakers and about 5-8 years for other speaker types. This is a good rule of thumb, even if you know that you might get a lot longer than this in reality. Always be sure to take good care of your speakers to make sure that you can enjoy them for as long as possible.

Speakers do Wear Out Over Time

Speakers do wear out over time, and you will need to be prepared for your speakers to start offering reduced sound quality as they age. You might get thirty years out of your current speakers, but they might be less effective at producing really good sound toward the end of this period. Make sure that you take good care of your speakers by keeping them out of the sun, making sure they don’t get wet, and by keeping them out of the way of areas where they could be bumped or knocked over.

Always remember that your speakers will not last for more than about thirty years, and you have plans to replace speakers that are aging. This will help you to enjoy your sound system or home theater for years into the future.

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