How to make your speakers louder

How to make your speakers louder

While in most instances the average speaker is loud enough there are times when we want and need more volume. There are several ways to achieve this. Much will depend on the type of speaker we are talking about. We will give you some tips and tricks for various speakers and how to make them louder. 

A speaker has a predetermined watts and decibel (dB) level. The dB level is an expression of the sound pressure level of the speaker. This cannot be changed. There are, however, ways to make your system and speakers louder. Let’s take a look at the options. 

Home Stereo Speakers

The first step is to look at the speakers. You want the best quality speakers that are matched perfectly with your receiver and amplifier. Anything less and you are missing out. This can get quite complex but we will try and keep it simple. The watts or power output are the most important factor to consider. There are, however, several other important factors to look at. 

The sensitivity of the speaker is one of the main things to consider. Sensitivity refers to how well the speaker can convert the power of the signal into acoustic energy. It determines how efficient the speaker is. 

The volume output is measured in dB or decibels and describes the SPL or sound pressure level. The higher the dB level the louder the speaker. It also makes the speaker more efficient so as an added bonus, a battery-powered wireless speaker will last longer if it has a higher sensitivity. 

It is also important to understand impedance and how the Ohms can affect the audio. 

The position of the speakers is also important. Quite naturally, the closer you are to the speaker, the louder the sound will be. Take advantage of the natural acoustics of the room for maximum sound. 

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Another idea is to add additional speakers. This is particularly important if you have a larger room. There are also some great options for outdoor speakers. If you use Alexa, here are the best outdoor Alexa speakers.

Adding a subwoofer will increase the depth and power of the audio and improve bass or low-range sounds. 

The speaker cables are another important factor. Don’t skimp on this aspect of your system. Quality speaker cables will allow more power to get to the speaker and allow it to perform at its optimal potential. 

As always, speaker quality is paramount. There is no point in having booming loudspeakers that lose quality and distort at higher volumes. 

Computers and mobile phones

This is a popular way to listen to music or enjoy other media these days and many people find the volume lacking. This might be more to do with the setup than the speakers themselves. The solution will depend on the hardware and software that you are using. 

Windows Computers

The build and hardware as well as the software drivers will impact the volume your Windows PC can deliver. Here are the main options to try in order to enhance the audio. 

Check the audio enhancement settings

The steps to follow are to right-click on the icon for volume and audio which is normally on the right of the taskbar. Got to playback devices and click on speaker properties. You want to select loudness equalization on the enhancement tab. 

Download sound booster apps

There are several free options as well as more advanced paid apps that can be downloaded in order to improve the output of music on a windows device. The paid apps obviously deliver additional features and benefits. 

Examples of these apps include SoundPimp; Bongiovi DPS; DFX Audio Enhancer, and others. 

VLC Media Player is another free option that will boost your audio output. It is great for all audio formats and will allow you to get more volume out of your system. 

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Once again, the quality and power of the speakers are important. While there are some great affordable options, look for speakers that have good power and perform well. 

iOS Devices

As one would expect, it is slightly different on iOS. On an iOS device, go to settings and select music. Go to playback and EQ. Look for Late Night equalizer. Compare the audio with this on and off to see if it enhances the audio. It will depend on what you are listening to and how you listen. There are other handy options under the EQ settings menu. 

Also check under settings, music, that the volume limit is off. 

A simple hack to boos the speaker volume on an iOS or any mobile device is to place it in a large glass or bowl. Position the speaker at the base of the container and the output will be amplified. 

You also want to check the settings in the streaming service. Spotify, for example, has a “Reduce Loud Sounds” option as well as a volume control. 

Bluetooth speakers

Positioning is one of the most important aspects of getting the maximum volume out of your Bluetooth speakers. Take advantage of the acoustics in the room and experiment with the position for optimal sound output. Corners, against a wall, or on the floor are often the best solution. 

Again, check all apps and settings to ensure it on maximum volume. If you need more power you can always add additional speakers, particularly if the space is large. This article will explain how to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers.

Final thoughts

The power of your system will depend on the components, particularly the amp and the speakers. There are, however, a few things you can do to maximize the output for louder speakers. Much will depend on the device, equipment, and media that you are using. This article should give you some helpful advice to get the most out of your speakers. 

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