How to Fix Headphone Dent in the Head (Easy Guide)

How to Fix Headphone Dent in the Head

To some, this might sound like a trivial concern but to many headphone users, it can cause alarm. If you spend hours gaming or listening to your favorite tunes or shows, the appearance of a dent in the head can be concerning. We look at how serious this issue is and how to fix the headphone dent in the head. 

Is headphone dent a real thing?

The short answer is yes. Many people have a noticeable dent in their heads after using headphones for many hours. We are not just talking about the hair here, the actual skull. The good news is that it is quite normal and only temporary. If the problem persists, it might be a more serious condition and one should consult a doctor. 

It is quite normal for your hair to flatten after using headphones. This is understandable and easy to fix. More concerning is an actual dent in the head. 

Is headphone dent serious?

No, not at all. It is a natural consequence of wearing headphones for some time. It is not a long-term issue and will cause no permanent damage. If your headphones are solidly constructed and fit tightly over your head you can expect to get a bit of a dent. 

This is not different from wearing glasses or sunglasses. You will note a slight dent on your nose and perhaps the side of your face. Within a few hours, it goes away. No need for concern. 

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How to prevent headphone dent

There are several ways to avoid this issue.

Headphone design and materials

Some headphones are heavier and more robust than others. They are made from strong and often heavy material. While this will generally make them more durable it could take a toll on your skull and result in dents. 

Opt for lighter headphones that are comfortable. The design, build quality, and materials used all play an important part in the comfort of the device. Better headphones will reduce the risk of any dent or discomfort. 

If you use headphones regularly and for long periods, it pays to invest in quality products that are well designed, well crafted, and made from light quality materials. Comfort is critical. 

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Adjust the headphones correctly

Almost all over-ear headphones are easy to adjust. To prevent the dent issue, you want to ensure the band is adjusted correctly. Do this according to the sized of your head. There is no one size fits all solution. Comfort is what you are after. You should be able to feel when it fits correctly. 

Here are some affordable and comfortable Over-Ear Headphones.

Change the position

Some people find that changing the position of the headphones helps. You can alternate between the traditional way to wear them and front or back positioning. The change will reduce the constant pressure on specific parts of the head and reduce the risk of getting a dent. 

Wear a hat

OK, we know this might sound a bit odd but using your headphones over a hat will help prevent any dents in your head. A beanie will also do the trick. 

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Pace yourself

While we can all get engrossed in a game or binge-watch a show if you are wearing headphones take a break now and then. Every hour or so, take a 5 to 10-minute break to relieve the pressure from the headphones. This will benefit you in others ways as well as lessen the chance of a dent in your head. 

Use earbuds 

This is one of the easiest solutions if you have head dent concerns with over-are headphones. As they do not have a band that goes over the head they will not cause any dent. There are pros and cons to this design but the good ones are comfortable and highly effective. 

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What about the shape of my ears?

Apart from a dent in the head, many regular headphone users have concerns that they might affect the shape of their ears. Again, this is not going to happen. Sure, they might be a bit out of shape after a marathon session of listening or gaming but they will very soon bounce back to their original and natural shape. There is no need to be concerned. 

Final thoughts

Our skulls are a lot harder and more resilient than most people realize. Sure, you will have a dent in your hair and possibly even your skull after using headphones for extended periods. Fortunately, this is nothing serious and will soon go away. It is not a permanent condition and is not painful. If it persists, there might be a more serious condition that should be seen by a doctor. 

This article should put your mind at rest and give you some useful tips to prevent a headphone dents in the head. 

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