How to Reset a Sonos Subwoofer

How to Reset a Sonos Subwoofer (1000 × 500 px)

One of the most popular Sonos products is their third-generation wireless subwoofer called “Sonos Sub”. It’s currently available in black and white and offers a simple over-wifi setup with the Sonos App.

Even though this is a high-quality subwoofer, you might on occasion run into an issue where it is necessary to reset the subwoofer to regain full functionality. Below we have a quick guide explaining how to go about resetting your Sonos subwoofer.

Resetting A Sonos Subwoofer:

Follow the simple 3-step process below to reset your Sonos subwoofer.

Step 1

You should always start by powering off your device. As the Sonos subwoofer is a corded device you can either switch the plug off at the wall or unplug the power cord from your Sonos subwoofer.

Step 2

Locate the Sonos subwoofer power button. The first and second-generation Sonos subwoofers have a square button on the side with two down arrows. The third generation Sonos subwoofer has a circular button on the side with an infinity sign on it.

Step 3

After you’ve located the power button hold down the button. When you’re holding down the power button switch the speaker back on (by switching on the wall plug or plugging back in the power cord).

The light indicator will blink white. Once the light switches to red you release the button. After a while to light will turn green, at this point the Sonos subwoofer has been reset to its factory settings and you can proceed to use the subwoofer as you normally would.

When Should You Reset Your Sonos Subwoofer

As previously stated; the Sonos subwoofer is a quality device and users rarely report issues. Unfortunately, they do occur and can take various forms, as mentioned below.

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Possible Sonos Subwoofer Issues:

  • Can’t connect over wifi.
  • Frequently disconnecting.
  • Software not functioning correctly.
  • Audio quality not up to par.

It is also recommended that you reset your Sonos subwoofer before you sell it, as well as reset it when you purchase a used Sonos subwoofer.

This article was last updated on February 17, 2022 .

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