How Hot Can Speakers Get? (Answered)

Taking care of your speakers is key to getting many years of use out of them. When you do not provide the care to your speakers that are needed to keep them in good condition, you might not get to use them for very long before they become damaged. One of the most common ways that speakers can be damaged is by getting too hot.

Speakers can get quite warm when they are being used, but they should never be too hot to touch. Speakers can overheat due to a couple of different things, leading to damage to the speaker that typically cannot be repaired. When the volume is turned up too loud for too long, speakers can overheat, which can melt components inside of them. You can also cause issues if you connect your speakers to an amplifier that is too powerful for them. 

Why do Speakers Overheat?

Speakers are actually designed to vibrate. This is an essential part of how they make sound happen. However, if you run a distorted signal through the speakers or force too much power into them from an amplifier that is too strong for them, you can cause them to vibrate too rapidly. This rapid vibration can lead to overheating of the speaker, which causes the melting of parts and damage to the cone.

Speakers can also get too hot due to environmental conditions such as a high ambient temperature or being placed in direct sunlight for many hours. You will need to be careful about all of the common reasons that your speakers might overheat. Even being used once in such a manner can lead to permanent damage to your speakers that will necessitate replacing them.

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There are speakers that are specifically designed to handle extreme temperatures, as well as speakers that are made to handle use with a lot of power and volume supplied to them. These speaker types will cost more money in most cases, but it can be worth the investment if you think that you need this kind of hardy speaker design. Trying to make speakers that are not designed for this kind of use handle increased power and volume will only damage them.

Speakers Can Get Quite Hot

Speakers can get quite warm during regular use, but they should never be so hot that you can’t touch them. You will want to be sure that you monitor the heat that is being trapped inside the speakers and produced by them when you are operating them at a high volume. You might find that your speakers are heating up a lot more than you expected. Being able to take steps to attend to this issue is key since you can prevent major damage to your speakers if you notice that they are getting much hotter than you expected.

Always be sure that you are using speakers that are rated for use with your amplifier. You will find that pairing up the speakers in your system with the amp that you have purchased can make all the difference in the longevity of your sound system.

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