The 6 Best Tower Speakers of 2024

The Best Tower Speakers

Tower speakers are often the best option for your home audio needs. They tend to be relatively large floor-standing speakers and most have a sleek modern design. They typically deliver a rich sound across all frequencies as they use multiple drivers. The other option is bookshelf speakers. The advantage of these is that they are more compact but most will not produce the power and audio range of tower speakers. 

We take a look at the best towers speakers for different needs and budgets to help you decide. We will explain the options and answer a few questions you might have. 

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What are Tower Speakers? 

The answer is all in the name. They are generally long tall floor standing speakers. Most feature multiple drivers to cover the full frequency range. They differ from the more compact options, particularly the bookshelf speakers. 

They are long and thin and, while larger than other options, can still be relatively compact. The size and design will generally allow for great power. Most contain a range of drivers allowing for a better frequency range. 

While there are some awesome bookshelf speaker options, for the ultimate audio quality it is hard to beat a tower speaker. 

The 6 Best Tower Speakers:

1. Klipsch RP-8000F Floor-standing Speaker Pair

Klipsch RP-8000F Floor-standing Speaker Pair in Ebony

Unless you have been “shopping around” or are a true audiophile, the Klipsch brand might not be all that familiar. They are, however, one of the better speaker makers you could hope to invest in. They have a long and very proud history and a reputation for excellence. 

After a long and careful search, the  RP-8000F made by Klipsch came out as our top choice for the best tower speakers overall. These elegant Ebony speakers boast quality drivers that are well made from top materials. The design and build complement the superior drivers and equipment. 

You rarely come across such quality and many favorable reviews give credit to the superiority of this tower speaker set. 

True audiophiles will appreciate the sound delivered by the twin copper-spun  8″ Cerametallic woofers. Klipsch also has an edge on audio quality thanks to their Tractrix horn-loaded technology and LTS Vented Tweeter. All components work in harmony to produce a sound that is hard to match by many other tower speakers.  Klipsch takes speaker and audio technology to a new level. 

2. Polk Audio TSi400 4-Way Tower Speakers

Polk Audio TSi400 4-Way Tower Speakers

These highly versatile tower speakers are considered one of the best options in the under $500 category. They will work with most home audio equipment. They look fantastic and deliver quality audio. 

They are finished in an ash black look and are compact and elegant. You can also choose to get these tower speakers in a cherry wood finish. The drivers are happy working with amps delivering 20 to 200 watts so should be more than sufficient for most home theaters or audio systems. 

While Polk makes a range of speakers and related audio equipment, the  TSi400 4-Way Tower Speakers are ideal for small to medium-sized rooms. They might not be happy in very large spaces but in most rooms, they will be sure to impress.  The bass is powerful but if you want more you can always add a separate subwoofer for added bass. 

The frequency response range is 4HZ to 25KHz. The woofers are  5.25-inch each and the tweeters are 1-inch for good dynamic balance. This technology is something that Polk has patented and reduces distortion and improves clarity. This works even at higher volumes which these speakers can handle. 

The looks we have discussed but also important are the design and build quality. Again, here Polk does not let you down. They are solidly built for not only good durability but also superior performance. The speakers also feature a port for venting. This allows for good airflow and improves the resonance, particularly the low frequencies. 

In this price range, the Polk Audio Tsi400 is a top choice. 

3. Wharfedale Diamond 12.3 Dual 2.5-Way Tower Speaker

Wharfedale Diamond 12.3 Dual 2.5-Way Tower  Speaker

You can find many great options in this price range but you will be hard-pressed to find a better pair than the Wharfedale Diamond 12.3 Dual 5″ 2.5-Way Tower Floor Standing Speaker. The set comes in well under $1000 and does not disappoint. Wharfedale is a popular brand with a great reputation. 

The first thing that strikes you is the looks. 

The design is modern and elegant with a tasteful Walnut finish. They are sleek and compact for tower speakers and will look good in any room. If that is not your style they are also available in a light oak, white, or black finish. All have clean lines and a solid build. 

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The  Wharfedale Diamond range has been around for decades and the company has continued to improve and enhance what were always good speakers. While the looks are impressive the main point is the sound and most are impressed. 

The speakers boast a 2.5-way speaker design that delivers rich powerful output across the frequency range. Mid, low, and high ranges are all impressive. The speaker quality is top-class meaning not only improved clarity but also power and durability.  

The design as well as an advanced speaker crossover ensure good sound performance. The sensitivity is 89dB/W/m and they have low impedance. This allows them to work well with a range of outputs.

4. KEF Q550 Tower Speaker

KEF Q550 Tower Speaker

OK, so this is not a budget-friendly option but if you want an exceptional home theater experience you don’t get much better. For those not familiar KEF makes some of the best audio equipment on the market. They have an international presence are known for top-quality design and remarkable performance. 

The Q550 is the latest in their Q series range and, although the largest, it is a stellar set of tower speakers. Part of what impresses is the bass driver and auxiliary bass radiators that each speaker has. Bass is a critical part of the home theater experience and quality powerful components are needed. 

The multiple drivers allow the speakers to balance the audio while offering the full frequency range in the right proportions and balance. Not only is the low range deep and rich but the mid-range is powerful and the treble is crisp and clear. 

The cutting-edge technology not only allows for superb sound but also makes the speakers easier to position. The Uni-Q driver setup, something unique to KEF, ensures a quality frequency balance and audio output even without perfect positioning. 

The workmanship is top-quality and the speakers not only look spectacular but deliver quality sound. It also makes them robust and durable. Despite being a fair investment, you know you and paying for something that will delight you for many years. 

These speakers are ideal for 15 to 130 watt systems and have a 58Hz – 28kHz frequency response range. This is ideal for most home theater systems. The maximum output is 110dB. 

Note that the grilles, if you want them, are sold separately. 

5. SVS Prime Pinnacle Tower Speaker

SVS Prime Pinnacle Tower Speaker

If you have a larger room you will naturally need a speaker system that is up to the job. Enter the SVS Prime Pinnacle Floor standing Speaker. This is the ideal solution for large rooms. 

Despite the power and quality of these tower speakers they still come in at a reasonable price. You get great value for money from this option. 

Note that the price is generally quoted per speaker but you still get a lot of bang for your buck. This is a speaker that will shine in a larger area and deliver the power, clarity, and detail you need. This will allow you to appreciate the audio without sacrifice. 

The design cannot be faulted. These are classy-looking speakers that are compact given their performance and output. The build quality, materials, and workmanship cannot be faulted. 

You will appreciate the power across the frequency range. What makes them ideal for larger rooms is, in part, SVS SoundMatch. This speaker crossover technology expands the range and depth of the sound allowing it to fill larger rooms with accuracy and power. This is complemented by the build and structure. 

These speakers are a popular choice for those wanting to enjoy quality audio in a larger room. They look spectacular and deliver the goods. SVS has been making this range for some time now and they only get better with every new model. Feedback from happy customers is highly positive. 

6. Pyle PLUTV41BK 2-Way Waterproof Off-Road Tower Speakers System

Pyle PLUTV41BK 2-Way Waterproof Off-Road Tower Speakers System

We don’t all have the luxury of owning a boat but if you do, you may as well invest in the best tower speakers for this environment. Not any old tower speakers will do as you need something especially able to handle the conditions and still perform well. 

While these might not be traditional tower speakers they are what you want on the water. They can handle rough conditions and keep going strong. When hoping to enjoy decent music on a boat, you will face many challenges the average home user does not have to worry about. 

These are dual marine grade 800W speakers that can deliver and survive. They are ideal for boats while also being good for a range of other outdoor activities. This makes them highly versatile. 

The power, at 800 Watts, is impressive. The worse the conditions the more power you need to be able to appreciate the audio output so good power is essential. The 85Hz-20kHz is good and they have an impedance of  4-ohm. 

The speakers are user-friendly and easy to connect and use. This is handy on the water. The sound is good and includes ample low-frequency bass. 

The design, as you would expect from quality outdoor speakers designed for use on water, is fully waterproof. It has an IP-X5 rating which is what you need in this environment. The housing has been designed to handle the elements and stand up to outdoor use on the water. Furthermore, the housing is durable and tough so it can handle the knocks or bangs along the way. 

Mounting is another important aspect to consider when looking for a tower speaker for a boat. Once again, Pyle has made this quick, easy, and safe. It uses a versatile universal mounting that can be used securely in most areas. Mounting pads and butt connectors are included. This makes it fast and safe to mount.

So what are the best Tower Speakers overall?

That is a tough question to answer as it will depend on your needs as well as the room or environment. There is no one size fits all solution. The space and the type of audio you wish to enjoy make the difference. 

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If we had to pick a clear winner, and it is not easy as we only reviewed the very best options, the Klipsch RP-8000F Floor-standing Speaker Pair stands out. Everything from the build quality, the looks, and the sound are exceptional. The quality drivers combined with excellent cabinets and leading technology make this a great speaker. 

Selecting a Tower Speaker

There are several factors that are important to think about before dropping any money on the best tower speakers. 

Suitable for purpose and room size

While many tower speakers, especially the better ones, are highly versatile you still want to invest in one that works for your needs. Some are better than others in some environments. 

Audio quality

For most users, quality should be the primary concern. While volume and other factors may come into play, there is no substitute for crystal clear audio. It allows you to truly appreciate the subtle nuances of sound that are present in most, and even older, soundtracks or songs. 

These small differences are what set the great sounds apart from the poor ones. Without the best tower speakers, you will not be able to discern or appreciate these minor differences.  


For most home users, massive power is not necessary for tower speakers. You do, however, want to get the power that works with your amplifier as well as for your needs. Sometimes, louder is just better. 


Tower speakers are rather large. Even the more compact models are larger than a bookshelf or average speaker. As a result of this, they will be noticeable in the area where you use them. 

The size, design, and finish are all important. Many come in a range of colors so there should be something to suit the room you plan to use them in. A classic modern tower speaker will probably look good in any room. 


This is important for several reasons. Firstly is that you do not want large speakers that dominate a small space. Conversely, poor speakers are not going to work well in larger areas. You need to find a balance. 

In this case, it is not all about size. Some smaller tower speakers might perform better than larger models. It is all about the design, technology, and build quality. Do not base the performance of a tower speaker on the size alone. 


Most of us will have some form of budget when we invest in speakers. This is a tricky one. Spend too little and you might be disappointed by the quality and power. If you spend a lot you might still be disappointed by the expected delivery. 

There are many great budget options but you need to ensure they will meet your needs as well as work with the room size as well as the environment. The acoustics in each room is different and you need to purchase according to your system, needs, and space. 


For general home use, this is not a major factor. If, however, you intend to use the speakers outdoors, when traveling, or on a boat, you need to look for a model that is up to the task. One factor that is important to note is the IPX rating


This quality relates to many of the factors above. The most important is the materials used as well as the build quality. When making a tower speaker investment you want to know that they will be able to last for many years. 

The reputation of the brand is also a factor to consider although there are many new models that are top-quality and will last for many years.


Is a tower speaker better than a bookshelf speaker? 

There is no definitive answer to this. It will depend on the space and the environment. Given the size of a tower speaker it generally has more drivers and a greater frequency range. On average, they should be able to deliver more power with greater clarity. 

As with all speakers, it ultimately comes down to the design as well as the quality. Many leading bookshelf speakers perform on par or better than other tower speakers. 

How important is the speaker system? 

It all comes down to the speaker. While you need a decent amplifier and related equipment, all will be useless with poor speakers. Rather spend a bit more to purchase quality speakers that will deliver the quality and power that you need. 

Is size important with a tower speaker? 

A speaker does not need to be large to be effective. However, the larger speakers tend to have more drivers which allows them to cover the full frequency range. That is not to say bigger is better but a speaker with multiple quality drivers will tend to outperform a smaller speaker with limited drivers. 

Is speaker placement important? 

In many cases it is. Some speakers are more versatile and give you more placement flexibility. In most cases, one should experiment with placement to find the ideal location for the speakers. The ideal placement can make a major difference in most environments. 


In most environments, tower speakers are the best solution. The right ones will deliver quality sound with the power, frequency, and quality that you need. That is not to say they are all great. We have reviewed the very best tower speakers and there is something to suit all needs and budgets. 

Think about your space, the audio you want to appreciate, and your budget, This will make it easy to decide on the best option. You can’t go wrong with any of our top choices. 

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