The 5 Best Floorstanding Speakers Under $1000 of 2024


Sound is such an important part of any media experience and it can make or break any medium. Watching a movie or listening to music with poor sound quality pulls you out of the experience. When considering the best possible option to remedy the situation we recommend starting with a purpose-built floorstanding speaker, also known as a tower speaker.

Overall, based on the features, price stated performance, and reviews, we believe the Klipsch RP-280F is currently the best floorstanding speaker under $1000.

Floorstanding Speaker Under $1000 FAQs

What is the difference between a floorstanding speaker and a bookshelf speaker?

The most obvious difference is size. In some cases, size does matter. In the case of speakers, it can dramatically enhance its capabilities. With larger speakers, you’ll find that their range is much greater than that of a bookshelf speaker. With the size difference, you’ll also find more components adding to the quality of sound produced by a floor-standing speaker giving them the advantage. 

Can floorstanding speakers also act as a surround sound system?

Yes, they definitely can. While they aren’t identical in function, they can achieve surround sound. Surround sound systems are made up of multiple speakers that are placed all around a room. With this, they effectively achieve their claim to the name surround sound. To achieve surround sound, with the floor-standing speakers, you just need to consider the arrangement. You also need to have a central system that facilitates the surround sound. 

Do I need a subwoofer? Or does this matter in a floorstanding speaker?

This is a choice on your part. If you prefer the bass, then you need a speaker capable of frequencies lower than 35Hz. So it is ultimately determined on your requirements of bass. If you do decide on a subwoofer, ensure you set the crossover frequencies correctly. 

How do I properly connect floorstanding speakers to a receiver?

The recommended method is connecting the corresponding ports: RCA to RCA, XLR to XLR, and so forth. If these corresponding ports don’t exist, you’ll need an adaptor.

The 5 Best Floorstanding Speakers Under $1000:

We scoured multiple product pages, reviews, and feedback from consumers to find only the 5 best floorstanding speakers under $1000. This is a reasonable price point to find a floorstanding speaker that has good sound quality.

1. Klipsch RP-280F Premier Floorstanding Speakers


Key Features

  • Removable Grille that is both strong and flexible
  • New Tractrix Port
  • Dual 8’ Cerametallic Cone Woofers.
  • 1’ Linear Travel suspension titanium Tweeter


  • Great sound output
  • Superior bass quality
  • Various color options
  • Stylish and compact design


  • Heavy and difficult to remove from packaging

 If you are wanting quality speakers at an awesome price then the Klipsch RP-250F is a great place to start! For the price, you’re getting two quality speakers which further enhances the sound output. The speakers sport a sleek, thin design. Considering the average height of your standard floor-standing speakers you’ll find the Klipsch RP-250F’s are very compact in comparison. 

Designed in a cabinet the brushed polymer veneer baffle finish provides it with that clean look. They come available in three options; cherry, black, and ebony. This means you have options to compliment your overall home aesthetic. 

Now down to the most important part of the Klipsch RP-250F, the sound. It can handle high volumes without producing distortion, thanks to the Linear Travel Suspension Titanium Tweeter and Spun Copper Cerametallix Woofers. These two components deliver quality sound and minimize distortion. 

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The strong and flexible grille helps with high-frequency diffraction reduction found in the magnet embedded grille. With the Tractrix port, Klipsch utilizes tractrix geometry to bring an efficient way for air transfer from the cabinet. It helps ensure the cleanest possible low-frequency audio performance is provided. The Klipsch is Dolby Atmos ready, meaning your home theatre is ready for a superior sound system that delivers overhead sound!  

2. Polk Audio RTI A9 Floorstanding Speakers


Key Features

  • 5.25 Inch Dual Polymer composite cone drivers
  • 3 X 7-inch polymer composite subwoofers
  • 1-inch silk/polymer composite dome tweeter


  • Brilliant  Soundstage
  • Decent Treble
  • Well-controlled bass
  • Great volume levels in comparison to other speakers


  • Brass heads require more bass

While this speaker might be a little older than other new models, it still holds its own. It comes in either black or cherry wood. Made completely of wood means the speakers perform with virtually no resonance. This is in part thanks to the MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) construction which dampens the unwanted vibrations and suppresses resonance. The RTI A9 is not only a stunning design though, but it also offers exceptional performance. 

In terms of sound, the RTI A9 projects strong audio even when at its lowest volumes. The higher the volume, you’ll still find no distortion. This is due to the inclusion of dual 5.25-inch polymer composite Cone Drivers as well as a trio of 7-inch polymer composite subwoofers. 

The 1-inch silk/polymer composite dome tweeter delivers high frequencies without being harsh. All of these drivers combined give listeners a tight and controlled bass that’s not too strong or earth-shaking. If you want more bass simply get a subwoofer to add a little rumble to your home.

Above all, you’re treated to an immersive experience with a wide soundstage in comparison to other mid-fi speakers available. You’re treated to consistency no matter what you’re listening to, or what volume you’re listening to it at. 

3. Q Acoustics 3050 Floorstanding Speaker Pair


Key Features

  • 2-in-1 concentric ring dome tweeter
  • Floor spikes to create less opportunity for movement when in use
  • Partitioned off Tweeters


  • Brilliant Treble
  • Great Soundstage
  • Kevlar Driver Construction


  • Bass isn’t as powerful as that of other models, however, it does complement the midrange

The design of the Q Acoustics 3050 boasts durability as well as performance. The cone material found in the midrange and bass drivers is made of Kevlar. This provides not only an increase in durability but also in tonality. 

Through the use of butyl rubber, the tweeters are isolated from the main cabinet. This causes frequencies, in the high treble range, to be unaffected by vibrations and impact caused by the mids and bass. Listeners will find a bass that is not only deep but also crisp because of this separation between tweeters and the main area of the cabinet. 

Across the board, you’ll find the Q Acoustics 3050 produces a consistent sound across all frequencies. This is largely due to its efficient design and use of the placing of drivers. All the components combine give you a speaker able to offer a wide soundstage. 

The Q Acoustics 3050 comes in a variety of colors including; American walnut, matte graphite, white, and black lacquer, and black leather. With all these options you’ll easily be able to choose the right design to match your home. 

4. KEF Q500 Floorstanding Loudspeaker


Key Features

  • Uni-Q array, which is a driver unique to KEF
  • 3 X 5.25-inch bass drivers


  • Great performance
  • Brilliant treble and highs
  • Great mid-range balance


  • Tends to lack in larger spaces

KEF Q500 is one of the more interesting choices on this list. This is largely due to their unique driver called the Uni-Q array. The Uni-Q, which is unique to the KEF brand as a whole, contains the tweeters and midrange drivers which have been placed concentrically in the same structure. This provides a more stable and maintained delivery of tonality and wideness of frequencies. 

In terms of sound overall, the KEF Q500 produces a balanced sound. It has a bass that isn’t overpowering but more detailed and punchy. The speakers feature a trio of 5.25-inch bass drivers and a 1-inch vented aluminum dome tweeter. The Q500 performs exceptionally well in lower frequencies with no distortion. Thanks to an impressive soundstage, whatever you watch or listen to will come to life. 

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The KEF Q500 comes in a variety of colors including; American walnut, rosewood, black, and white. Numerous options to consider when choosing one that matches your home.

5. Sony SS-CS3 3-Way 4-Driver Floorstanding Speakers


Key Features

  • 1’ Polyester main tweeter and .75’ super tweeter combination
  • 6ohm speaker impedance


  • Great price
  • Clean and clear sound for a more budget model


  • The treble can become a bit harsh in certain situations

Going a more budget route can be a bit daunting, however, the good news here is the brand itself. Sony is a reliable and trusted brand that has been proven over the years. The Sony SS-CS3s is no exception to their brilliant products and what’s even better is the price itself. Originally released back in 2014, these speakers still hold their position as one of the better lower budget models. 

They promise a sturdy, solid build, and in true Sony form,  they look great aesthetically. How does it sound? The SS-CS3s produces a clear and clean sound quality which feels more natural and realistic. 

The SS-CS3s model is by no means perfect. While it definitely holds its own by producing a steady sound quality, it has its flaws. One concern is that of the treble causing somewhat harsh sounds now and then. This is sadly an issue found in most affordable floor-standing speaker models. This flaw is more determined by the type of media it plays. Overall, the Sony SS-CS3s is a reliable purchase for your home audio system.

What to Look or When Buying a Floorstanding Speaker

When looking for a floor-standing speaker, there are a variety of things to consider before making the purchase. If you’re serious about making the best possible choice, you’ll take the time to consider the following;


For the most part, floor-standing speakers are generally 4ft tall. They take up roughly 1ft in terms of area. While this is not the same in all cases, it is found more often than not when determining which speaker is for you. The heigh is determined by various factors such as; the model, components, and configuration. 


Generally, the floor-standing speaker has four drivers. These four drivers, deliver sound, across various frequency ranges. The main four types of drivers found in most, if not all, are: 

  • Tweeters: A relatively small driver, usually found at the top of the speaker. They produce high-frequency treble sounds that are distortion-free. Tweeters are fully dedicated to the high-frequency sounds.
  • Midrange Drivers: It is all in the name, the midrange drivers focus on producing midrange frequency sounds. This mainly refers to the vocals of the singer, as well as conversations in movies. 
  • Woofers: If you’re all about that bass, ensure you look into the woofer that your speaker of choice possesses. Woofers are responsible for the bass response that’s given by the speaker. They produce a low-frequency sound which ranges from a low 50 Hertz to a high 1000 Hertz, in some cases even higher. 
  • Subwoofers: Your ultra-low frequency sounds which range from 20 Hertz to 50 Hertz are handled by the Subwoofer. They give the base more impact. 


You want a sturdy, well-built product. While the insides of the speaker matter, the build of your standing speaker ultimately decides for you. It should feature a sturdy cabinet that is antiresonant. This means that it won’t vibrate when the drivers are vibrating at higher volumes, which in turn causes distortion. 

You also need to find something that matches your home. Your speaker will be on display, you need it to complement the style of your home and not stick out. 

If you’re looking for an indoor speaker that takes up a little bit less space than a floorstanding speaker you might be interested in a soundbar.

If you’re looking to listen to music outdoors have a look at our articles covering the best outdoor speakers and best tailgate speakers.

Final Thoughts

You have many things to consider when choosing the best floor standing speaker you want in your home. Now that you have a basic understanding of what to look for and consider, you can make a more educated decision.

Don’t rush your purchase, consider your needs, and wants from a floor-standing speaker. Before you know it, you’ll be watching a movie, watching the game, listening to some music on your brand new speaker, happy you made the best choice possible. Best news of all, it was under $1000!

Floorstanding Speakers Under $1000 Summary Table

Use the summary table below to quickly compare the main features and pricing of our selection of the best floor standing speakers and then read the reviews further down for more detail on each speaker.

ProductModel No.FeaturesWeightDimensionsPrice
Klipsch RP-280FKlipsch RP280F Ebony Reference Pr
Titanium tweeter. Dual 8-inch woofers. Hybrid Tractrix Horn.
62.5 Pounds18.4 x 10.6 x 43.1 inches$$$$
Polk Audio RTI A9AM9972-C|45.25-Inch dual polymer composite cone drivers. 3 X 7-Inch polymer composite subwoofers. 1-Inch silk/polymer composite dome tweeter.75 Pounds21 x 50.3 x 7.8 inches$$$
Q Acoustics 30503050 Grafite2-Way reflective enclosure. 2 x 165mm Bass unit. 25mm Treble unit.39.2 Pounds44 x 16 x 12 inches$$$
KEF Q500Q500W5.25-Inch aluminum Uni-Q driver. 1-Inch vented aluminum dome tweeter. A trio of 5.25-inch bass drivers.40 Pounds12.8 x 16.8 x 39.5 inches$$$
Sony SS-CS3 SSCS3PAIR1-Inch polyester main tweeter. Super tweeter. 3-Way speaker. Sound reproduction up to 50 kHz.55.9 pounds5 x 9.1 x 36.3 inches$$
Floorstanding Speakers Under $1000 Summary Table
Price LabelPrice Range
$Anything Under $250
$$Between $250 and $500
$$$Between $500 and $750
$$$$Anything Above $750 
Price Range Indicators
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