What is Dolby Atmos?

What is Dolby Atmos_

When looking at audio equipment there is a vast amount of terminology that is used and much of it can be confusing unless you are an expert or have some experience in the field. Dolby Atmos is one that is unfamiliar to many. We take a close look at the question – What is Dolby Atmos?

Most people are familiar with Dolby. They are an audio company that has been around for many years. Their first major development was the “Dolby Noise Reduction System”, a technology that is still around to this day. 

The purpose of this early technology, patented in 1969, was to reduce the hiss often present in taped audio recordings. Since then, Dolby has continued to develop their expertise and technology that is aimed at improving the quality of audio for an improved and enhanced experience and better sound. 

One of their recent developments is Dolby Atmos. Dolby Atmos is an enhancement of earlier iterations of Dolby audio technology which they have developed to create a better surround sound experience. Surround sound is now a common format used on most movies and audio platforms. 

Initially, the technology was designed for the cinema and commercial market but quickly evolved into something beneficial to the consumer market. One can now enjoy the richness and depth of Dolby Atmos from the comfort of your home. There are even options for portable music formats. 

Understanding Dolby Atmos

While surround sound has been around for some time, Dolby has improved on existing technology to create a more realistic and immersive experience. They did this by adding additional height channels and these deliver an improved surround sound experience. 

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How did Dolby create Dolby Atmos?

The main feature is the height that they have added. If you consider standard surround sound applications and designs, you can appreciate the fact that it is impossible to have the full effect of the technology without height. 

This is where their Atmos technology comes in. It offers a range of new configurations that allow sound to come from a more accurate and realistic angle and height. Although it has a range of applications, the home theater will be taken to a whole new level. 

Sounds from above will “come” from above and this makes a world of difference when you are watching movies, particularly action movies. Imagine hearing the roar of the jet engine whooshing overhead in real-time, or a storm brewing on the horizon?

It allows for a home cinematic environment that has rarely been experienced before. Most people agree that the results and the effect are impressive. 

What do you need to enjoy Dolby Atmos?

There is a range of speaker and headphone configurations available, depending on your needs and budget. The first thing you need is equipment that supports Dolby Atmos technology. From there, you can select the configuration best suited to your environment.

There is a vast range of suitable equipment available if you wish to convert, provided your system and media support the technology. 

Is Dolby Atmos available on other equipment?

One of the great things about this technology is that it is easily adapted to other devices. This means that you can enjoy the rich surround sound experience on your mobile device, PC, gaming console, and even headphones. It is also available in some new car sound systems. 

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Final thoughts

If you want to enjoy a cinematic immersive audio experience then you will appreciate Dolby Atmos. It adds an important extra dimension to the audio that enriches the quality. 

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