The 10 Best Over-Ear Headphones Under $200

The Best Over-Ear Headphones Under 200

You started looking for the best over-ear headphones under 200$, and you don’t know where to begin. To some people spending 200$ on a pair of headphones is a little too much. Regardless, by spending a little bit more, you can improve your overall experience.

Getting a reliable product that will serve you for years is a good investment any day. 

Diving into a high-end lux experience just by putting on your headphones or choosing something more casual, this article is the right place to start looking. 

Our choice for the best over-ear headphones is VANKYO C751 Over-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. They are the perfect choice for our list in terms of sound, comfort, build quality, and design.

The 10 Best Over-Ear Headphones Under $200:

Let us proceed on our list of the best over-ear headphones: 

1.Vankyo C751

Vankyo C751
Size3.1 x 2.37 x 1.47 inches
Wired vs WirelessHybrid 
Frequency ResponseUp to 40 kHz
Mic & Controls Noise-reduction microphone
Open back vs Closed-backClosed-back 
Over-ear vs On-earOver-ear
Active vs Passive Noise CancellationActive noise Cancellation

VANKYO C751 Hybrid Active Noise Canceling Headphones are excellent low-budget headphones designed for everyday use. That makes them perfect for our list.

As their advertisement states, they are active noise-canceling headphones that will allow you to hear only what you want to hear. With their lightweight and foldable design, it makes them compact and easier to carry around. Your experience will be elevated, whether you are working from home or listening to a podcast on a crowded bus. 

Their noise-canceling feature is really on top of its game, going as far as using it as a noise-canceling device only and music listening one. With just a quick 10-minute charge, you can get 2 hours to use out of them. 

Unfortunately, these are not a gaming types of headphones. That means that they are not compatible with any gaming device. They come as wired and wireless, leaving the choice up to you. With their airplane adapter plug, your trips are now relaxed and comfortable. 

2. Audio-Technica ATH M50xBT

Audio-Technica ATHM50xBT
Size8.66 x 4.33 x 9.84 inches
Wired vs WirelessWireless
Frequency Response15 – 28.000 Hz
Mic & controls Yes
Open Back vs Closed BackClosed-back 
Over-ear vs On-earOver-ear
Active vs Passive Noise CancellationNo

In the past few years, Audio-Technica has been one of the most popular headphones on the market.

Their overall plastic design is usually something that turns people away when looking at purchasing headphones. Mainly because you expect something sturdy and durable; in this case, that is what you get. 

The wireless Bluetooth headphones are designed not only for music studios but also for fast-paced office workers. You won’t get tangled in all the wires making your job easier. 

Their extended battery life can last up to 40 hours per single charge. The only downside is that they need at least 7 hours of charging to get to charge fully. 

They offer a foldable design, V-shape features, and many details while still staying user-friendly and under 200$. 

3. Bose QuietComfort 35

Bose QuietComfort 35
Size3.2 x 6.7 x 7.1 inches
Wired vs WirelessWireless 
Frequency ResponseUnknown
Mic & Controls Dual-mic
Open-back vs Closed-backClosed-back
Over-ear vs On-earOver-ear
Active vs Passive Noise Cancellation3 levels of Active noise cancellation

Stepping into new territory with Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones allows you to try something a little bit more classy and modern. If you own an Android or an IOS phone, you can customize your Bluetooth connectivity, and software updates, enable music sharing, and adjust noise cancelation levels. 

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Having Alexa as your virtual assistant is a state-of-the-art feature in today’s time. Having it on your headphones is a whole new experience. 

You can have a balance optimized audio performance at any level, and a noise-rejecting dual-microphone system grants you clearer calls, even in loud settings. With up to 20 hours of high-performing battery life and a sturdy and comfortable fit, you can choose how your day sound.

Running out of power doesn’t have to be an option for you. Including a stylish carrying case, and charging cable, you also get an audio cable. 

4. Anker Soundcore Life Q20

Anker Soundcore Life Q20
Size7.68 x 7.09 x 3.07  inches
Wired vs WirelessWireless 
Frequency ResponseUp to 40khz
Mic & Controls Yes
Open-back vs Closed-backClosed-back
Over-ear vs On-earOver-ear
Active vs Passive Noise CancellationYes

Anker Soundcore Life Q20 is exceptional at what provides such a low price point. Over the ear, Bluetooth headphones can serve you no matter the task. With Hi-Resolution audio and deep bass, the Active noise cancelation comes like a cherry on top.  

Anker provides you with a 40-hour playtime while keeping your ears comfortable and snug with memory foam ear cups and a headband.

Overall, they are a great entry-level option for a small price. In terms of what you get for this price, they are one of the best models on our list.

5. Razer Opus

Razer Opus
Size2.17 x 7.09 x 7.68 inches 
Wired vs WirelessWireless
Frequency Response20 ~ 20.000 Hz
Mic & Controls Yes
Open back vs Closed-backClosed-back
Over-ear vs On-earOver-ear
Active vs Passive Noise CancellationActive noise canceling 

This list wouldn’t be compiled if we didn’t add at least one Razer headphone. Considered one of the gaming world pioneers, Razer offers us another remarkable pair of headphones. It’s not every day that we get surprised by such a good, balanced, and detail-oriented pair of headphones. 

The wireless feature makes them compatible with any gaming system or device that has Bluetooth.

Adjustable padded leather headband, rotatable circumaural ear cups, and plush memory foam ear cushions. Comfort doesn’t come from the design only. Their noise-canceling feature is what sets them apart even more. 

Their battery life can last up to 25-hours, with the active noise canceling turned on. The ANC technology uses destructive interference to generate opposing sound waves against the incoming background audio canceling the noise.

6. Philips Fidelio X2HR

Philips Fidelio X2HR
Size4.33 x 7.48 x 9.06 inches
Wired vs WirelessWired, 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm
Frequency Response5 ~ 40.000 Hz
Mic & ControlsNo 
Open Back vs Closed BackOpen-back
Over-ear vs On-earOver-ear
Active vs Passive Noise CancellationNo noise cancellations 

The Philip Fidelio X2HR are exceptionally well-made open-back headphones. They possess comfortable velour earpads that ensure comfort and convenience, leading them to high user praise. 

Their metal construction gives it a high-quality feeling for a not-so-high price. The 3.5mm detachable oxygen-free cable is replaceable, and the self-adjustable hammock is lightweight and airy, giving you the perfect fit every time.  

Their sound quality is designed to produce sound in a premium kind of way. Due to the open design, sound leakage is a problem that has to come up. 

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a pair of aesthetic and detail-oriented headphones to use at home, these are the best pick for you and your budget. 

7. Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro
Size8.7 x 4.7 x 9.1 inches
Wired vs Wireless Wired, 3m coupled cable
Frequency Response5 ~ 35.000 Hz
Mic & ControlsNo
Open back vs Closed Back Open back
Over-ear vs On-earOver-ear 
Active vs Passive Noise CancellationNo 

These lightweight open, dynamic headphones are ideal for studios and lightweight music listening. They are not made for any kind of rough handling.

What they lack in the crafting department, they make up for in sound quality. They may not be the most comfortable or aesthetically pleasing they sure make your ears purr like a cat. 

They come in classic and elegant black and minimalistic light gray. Their only downside is clunky build and design. If you are more interested in looks than sound quality, these are not the right pick for you. 

8. Sony WH-CH510

Sony WH-CH510
Size7.75 x 6.75 x 1.6 inches
Wired vs Wireless Wireless
Frequency Response20 Hz–20,000 Hz
Mic & ControlsNo
Open back vs Closed Back Closed Back
Over-ear vs On-earOver-ear 
Active vs Passive Noise CancellationNo 

For the sub $200 you would think that you could only get some cheap, low-quality headphones. However, even giants like Sony have some models that will impress you, and you won’t even have to spend a thousand dollars for a new pair of headphones.

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The one thing that we love about Sony headphones is their design. Sony is an expert in this field, and it shows. They are beautiful, slick-looking, black headphones that have the distinct Sony logo.

The sound is crisp, and the battery can last up to 35 hours of non-stop usage. You won’t make a mistake buying these headphones.

 9. HyperX Cloud Stinger Core 7.1

HyperX Cloud Stinger Core 7.1
Size2.17 x 7.09 x 7.68 inches
Wired vs Wireless Wired, 3m coiled cable; Wireless
Frequency Response20Hz–20,000Hz
Mic & ControlsYes
Open back vs Closed Back Closed-back
Over-ear vs On-earOver-ear 
Active vs Passive Noise CancellationPassive Noise Cancellation

With the rise of gaming, the popularity of dedicated headphones for gamers has risen tremendously. HyperX is one of the manufacturers that produce gaming equipment for pro and casual gamers alike. 

The thing that is the most impressive about HypeX Cloud Stinger is that they have support for 7.1 Dolby surround. We did not expect this at this price range, but we were wrong. Apart from this, they have excellent noise cancellation, a solid microphone, and pleasant sound quality.

If you like these headphones but would prefer the wireless model, HyperX got you covered. You get the option to choose between wireless and wired models. The Wireless one is a bit more expensive, but it offers a good connection and very little lag.

10. JBL Tune 500

JBL Tune 500
Size9.45 x 8.45 x 2.3 inches
Wired vs Wireless Wired, 3m coupled cable
Frequency Response20 ~ 20.000 Hz
Mic & ControlsYes
Open back vs Closed Back Closed-back
Over-ear vs On-earOver-ear 
Active vs Passive Noise CancellationNo 

JBL has become very popular in recent years. They offer some of the most affordable models on the market.

This one is no exception. Elegant and beautiful design, these headphones will look good on your head. On top of that, they are easily foldable so that they will fit in your backpack or purse. The rose color is beautiful to look at.

Sound-wise we were impressed by the sound of JBL Tune 500. It is not that they have the best sound out there, but it is pretty great for the asking price. Bass is exceptional, but the mids and highs are lacking. But, all cheaper headphones have the same problem. 

Things to consider when buying new Over-Ear headphones

With all of the specs, pros, and cons of each model, sometimes it can be challenging to choose the perfect fit for you. We hope this short buying guide will help you determine what is the best pick for you. 

In summary, we think that these categories are the most important to look out for when you go to buy your new headphones. 

Wired vs. Wireless

Sometimes it isn’t easy to choose between wired and wireless models. It may look simple, but this choice is much harder to make than it initially seems. 

If you prefer comfort over sound quality and do not mind a little bit of a delay, you should go for a wireless model. Listening to music on the bus or plane will be a lot more comfortable. A wire can be irritating sometimes, we know.

However, there is a reason why wired models still exist. Simply, wired models always have a minor delay and lag than their wireless counterparts. So, if you want the optimal listening experience, go with the wired model. 


People tend to overlook this factor when they buy their new headphones. Not every model will fit every shape of the head. As someone with a bigger head, we are well aware of that problem. 

Most of the headphones will probably fit you out of the box or customizable, but it is not always the case. To avoid injures or headaches, you should always try them before buying them. 

Active vs. Passive Noise Cancellation

Noise Cancellation is key to the good audio quality and the overall quality of the headphones. It represents the number of background noises that you can, or better can’t hear. 

There are two types of noise cancellation: Active and Passive

Passive noise cancellation is the type offered by the hardware itself. The main factors that come into play are the build quality of the headphones and the earbuds’ design. Good over-ear buds can cancel most of the outside noises. 

Active noise cancellation is represented by the additional audio that is played to negate all outside sounds. SImply, it customizes your audio quality to render the background noise unheard. 

While it is nice to have good active noise cancellation, it cannot work without good passive cancellation. No amount of additional audio can mask the fact that your earbuds are simply not good. So, the best way is to have good active and passive cancellation.

Sound Quality and Volume

By far, the most crucial aspect is sound quality. The sub $200 price does not automatically mean lousy volume and quality. Some cheaper headphones may sound worse than their more expensive counterparts.

Also, nobody likes to listen to quiet music. Even if you like classical music or ballads, you want the feel of a band and orchestra standing right next to you.

While all of the headphones on our list offer at least decent sound quality, however, the final decision is yours to make. The best headphones in the world do not matter if you don’t like them. 

Open Back vs Closed Back

The difference between the two lies in the design and the way in which the housing is constructed. One is not necessarily better than the other but the best one is the one that performs better for your specific needs. 


Can I buy decent headphones for under $200 for gaming?

The answer is obviously yes. A good gaming headset does not need to be expensive to be good. We have tested some gaming headsets on our list, like HyperX Cloud Stinger and Razer Opus, and they have performed quite nicely.

Can I go to the gym with the over-ear headphones?

The over-ear headphones are not necessarily designed for the workout. If you want to work out and listen to music, we recommend buying a good set of earbuds. 

How loud should your headphones be?

If you are a fan of hardcore music or want to play games at the pro level, you go for the loudest headset you can get. However, keep in mind that listening to loud sounds can damage your hearing. 

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