How To Keep Earbuds From Falling Out

How To Keep Earbuds From Falling Out

Earbuds are the new best thing since sliced bread provided you know how to use them correctly. Many get frustrated with their earbuds and they end up sitting in a draw and never used. Once you understand how to find the best ones for your needs and how to wear them correctly you will appreciate them.

You will soon get used to them and you will love the freedom they offer. What will probably happen is that you will wonder how you ever lived without them. We look at how to keep earbuds from falling out. 

It is important to note that you are not alone. Many people experience this problem. Earbuds can be used for leisurely listening but more often they are used for active exercise or other activities. Whatever your reason for wearing and using them, the last thing you want is for them to be uncomfortable or fall out. Many people have lost an earbud or two without even realizing it immediately. This is both frustrating and expensive. 

Let’s take a look at how to avoid this issue.

Insert the earbuds correctly 

While this might seem a bit basic, inserting earbuds correctly is not as simple as many people think. You can’t simply push them in and expect a good fit. 

What you need to do is to pull gently on the earlobe with one hand while inserting the bud with the other hand. This will allow the earbuds to fit better and hopefully stay in the right position for maximum enjoyment, comfort, and stability in the ear. Once you release the pull it should be a snug and secure fit. 

Not all earbuds fit the same way

There are several designs so what works with one model might not be the same for others. You might need to experiment a bit to find the best way to fit the particular brand that you have. Some will have a cable that is generally supposed to be worn over the ear. If you use this design with the cable hanging down the fit will not be great. 

If you really can’t find a decent set of earbuds that fit comfortably it might be worth looking at regular headphones. There are many options available. Take a look at options for In-Ear vs On-Ear vs Over-Ear Headphones.

Size matters

There is no one size fits all, as much as the manufactures would have you believe. Some people have larger ears and some have smaller ones. It is essentially the ear canal that is important but many people found some earbuds to be too large. If this is a concern, check out The Best Wireless Earbuds for Small Ears.

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Some earbuds come with a range of tips and this will help to get a more comfortable and stable fit. 

Buy earbuds according to your intended use 

While some earbuds are great for listening to music at home or at your computer, they are often used for exercise or outdoor adventures. This will generally require a different style of earbud – something that can handle the situation. 

If you plan to be super-active it might be an idea to consider one of The Best Headphones for Working Out.

It is important that these earphones can handle sweat and the odd splash so take a look at the IPX rating. 

Ear tip options

Silicone is the most popular option as it is cool and comfortable. It should fit snugly and sit securely. They are also durable which is an added benefit. Yet another benefit is that they are easy to clean. Silicone provides a decent grip and they are great for active users. 

Another option is what they call multi-flanged ear tips. These are often used for swimmers and have good noise isolation. They are not the easiest to fit so take some time and effort to get used to. They are not for everyone. 

Foam ear tips are quite common and work well for most people. They are comfortable and contour to the size and shape of your ear canal without causing pressure. Memory foam is possibly even better than regular foam and grips very well. 

Another benefit of foam ear tips is that they block out a lot of external or ambient sounds. This improves your listening enjoyment, especially in loud busy environments. They are also highly durable and will last you many years before they need replacing. 

Eventually, the foam will lose its shape but the tips are normally easily available and affordable to replace. One downside to foam tips is that some people find that it alters the sound somewhat. It can reduce the treble slightly and increase the bass. This is not always an issue but is something to be aware of. 

The trick when inserting foam or memory foam tips is to squeeze them before placing them into your ears. As they settle they will expand to form a great fit in your ear canal. Again pull the ear lobe down before inserting. This opens the ear canal and allows it to go in easily.  

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Speaking of ambient noise, children often need good noise-canceling. Here are the Best Noise-Canceling Headphones for Kids.

Hybrid Ear Tips are also popular. There are several options that use a combination of foam, silicone, and other materials. The good ones are excellent. They fit well, do not fall out easily, and offer great noise isolation. They are also highly durable. 

If earbuds falling out is a major issue another option to consider is custom ear tips. They will be a bit more expensive but are designed to fit your ear perfectly. Some companies offer kits that allow you to do this at home while others require that you go to an outlet for them to make an impression of your ear. 

Additional solutions

There are a few accessories that will make the earbuds more stable and less likely to fall out. Ear hooks are one of the better options if you are active and do not want your earbuds falling out.  Some models come with them while some are an additional purchase. They are not that expensive, are easy to use, and are a great help if you want to keep your earbuds in place. 

They are normally made from silicone that is easy to fit into the shape of your ear.

Another option is ear wings. These are similar but fit inside the ear. These are an excellent solution for highly active earbud users. 

The human ear

As we have pointed out, not all ears are the same. This is the main reason that there is no one size fits all design for earbuds. This is the reason that you need to find the best design, including size and shape, to work with your ears. 

Size is probably the most important factor but the shape and general design also need to be taken into account. As pointed out above, the materials used play a huge role in the comfort and fit of the earbuds. 


What is important to note is that there is a range of earbuds on the market and you need to find the models and design that works best for your ears. What works well for someone else might not be perfect for you. 

Earbuds that fit well will not fall out, will resist sweat and splashes, provide noise isolation, and deliver decent audio and music. They will allow you to enjoy entertainment without the stress of them falling out or not fitting comfortably. There are many great options available so choose wisely. 

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