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Who doesn’t want to communicate while playing video games? The Xbox One Chat Headset is made for chatting with family and friends. This chat headset provided by Microsoft helps in giving comfort during lengthy video gaming sessions and comes with crystal-clear audio.

As the gaming session can stretch to long intervals, everyone needs a high sound quality. The Xbox One Chat Headset is said to be sufficient in terms of providing this feature. Let’s take a look at the detailed review of the Xbox One Chat Headset.

Features of the Xbox One Chat Headset

Let’s take a peek at the features of Xbox One Chat Headset:

  • Compatible with Xbox One wireless controller and the new white Xbox Wireless controller
  • No batteries required
  • Comfortable and lightweight design well-suited for long hours of gaming
  • Has a microphone consisting of an adjustable boom with a responsive design
  • Volume and mute controls all at your fingers
  • Supports Xbox One X, Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Windows 10

Design and Construction of The Xbox One Chat Headset


The weight of the Xbox One Chat Headset is around 0.02 pounds. It comes in a lightweight design with an adjustable headband. The ear cushion material used in this chat headset is of foam.

How do I use the Xbox One Chat headset?

You can use the Xbox One Chat Headset by simply plugging it into the Xbox One Controller. This can be done by using the expansion port that comes with this controller.

After you do this, you will be chatting with fellow gamers within seconds. You can connect the chat headset to have a wonderful multiplayer experience.

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Is the Xbox One Chat headset convenient to use?

The Xbox one chat headset by Microsoft offers convenience to its users who play it for long-lasting gaming sessions but all in all it offers an amazing sound quality. The chat headset can also be used for viewing videos on YouTube. Hence, it offers multipurpose features too.

You can chat with your friends and family seamlessly by using the Xbox One Chat Headset. Given the ease at which the headset can be used, the product is high on convenience. You can also use this headset with your family while playing games and see the enormous benefits that it can provide.

How powerful is the Xbox One Chat headset?

There are various health benefits of video gaming and a chat headset makes the process all the easier. The Xbox One Chat Headset offers an amazing yet powerful way of chatting with friends. It is a power-packed device due to the following reasons:

Xbox One Chat Headset Audio

The chat headset comes with an audio technology that is digital and wideband in nature. It has a comfortable fit when you put it on your head. In addition to this, the headset provides an uninterrupted communication medium with your fellow gaming companions.

Xbox One Chat Headset Commands

The microphone attached to the Xbox One Chat Headset is responsive and works in a particular direction. It is fitted flexibly in order to ensure that you have a fun time with your friends and family, no matter how intense the gaming action gets. You can count on this device without you and your friends missing out on anything.

Xbox One Chat Headset Controls


The chat headset comes with a simple control that helps in adjusting and muting its microphone. You can easily have a talk in privacy with your friends while using this headset. Plus, you can play your favorite games and have a good time with the Xbox One Chat Headset.

Customer Feedback

Some online reviews of Xbox One Chat Headset have stated that it is nice and light to use. The lightweight design of this headset minimizes the heaviness that the customer gets on his or her head while wearing it. The chat headset doesn’t give a headache to customers as compared to other chat headsets out there.

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In addition to this, some other online reviews have stated that playing with the Xbox One Chat Headset with family members has never been more fun as it does not come laced with any type of issues. Its mike pick-up and sound quality are also good. Plus, the headset goes right in and plugs easily. The player does not need to make any adjustments to it.

However, some people did face some issues while using the Xbox One Chat Headset after a month’s time. Sometimes there was a problem in communicating with other players via this headset.

But overall, the Xbox One Chat Headset is great for people who are looking for a headset that has an earpiece on only one side.

Overall, this product has provided regularity to its users. It has worked fine with different types of gaming freaks. Plus, it is great to use as it eliminates a lot of disadvantages that are loaded in other chat headsets. In case, you want to fix your Xbox One controller and headset, you can watch this video:

Pros of the Xbox One Chat Headset

  • Affordable price
  • Tight grip
  • Ideal for long gaming hours
  • Adjustable volume and mute buttons that can be used without taking off your hands from the controller

Cons of the Xbox One Chat Headset

  • Comfort level may be compromised
  • Sound only in one ear
  • Some customers have complained that the product stops working after some months of its use


The Xbox One Chat Headset is not heavy at all to use and wear. It provides a hassle-free game playing experience with fellow gamers. The controls of this headset are easy to use since they can be used without by you without taking your hands off from it while playing games.

The earpiece of the Xbox One Headset provides a good communication medium for users without hurting the head of the user. If you are in for a lengthy gaming session, you can always go for this headset by Microsoft.

Moreover, this Xbox headset is compatible with plenty of devices and won’t disappoint you if you want to have a fun-filled and chatty video gaming experience.

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