How to Connect JBL Speakers: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide

How to Connect JBL Speakers

JBL speakers are known for their high-quality sound and portability, making them a popular choice for music lovers everywhere. One standout feature of these speakers is their ability to pair with multiple devices, creating a stereo sound experience or a network of interconnected speakers for larger gatherings. This capability is made possible through the use of two pairing protocols, Connect Plus and PartyBoost, with PartyBoost being a more advanced version found in newer JBL models.

These pairing technologies allow for the connection of up to 100 devices, making them perfect for house parties or other large events. With an extended pairing range provided by PartyBoost, users can seamlessly link their speakers for an immersive audio experience throughout their space.

Key Takeaways

  • JBL speakers offer versatile speaker-pairing capabilities for enhanced audio experiences.
  • Connect Plus and PartyBoost are the two primary pairing protocols used by JBL.
  • Both protocols allow connection of multiple devices, making them ideal for house parties and other large gatherings.

Pairing Technology & Compatibility

Connect Plus

Enables connection with up to 100 devices within a 30-feet range.

Compatible Devices
Flip 4, Boombox, Xtreme 2, Charge 4, Pulse 3


Allows linking up to 100 devices with a range reaching 60 feet.

Compatible Devices
Flip 5, Boombox 2, Xtreme 3, Pulse 4

JBL speakers offer cross-compatibility if they belong to the same connection group. For example, a PartyBoost speaker can only connect with other speakers within the PartyBoost category. Users can establish connections through the JBL Portable app (previously known as JBL Connect) or by employing the controls on the speaker. Both approaches provide a clear and straightforward method for Bluetooth pairing and wireless connectivity between JBL devices.

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How to Connect JBL Speakers in 4 Simple Steps

Step 1 – Establish a Bluetooth Connection with the Main Speaker

Power up your primary speaker and create a Bluetooth connection. If you’re using this speaker for the first time, activate its Bluetooth search feature and connect it to your smartphone, tablet, or computer using the Bluetooth pairing menu.

Step 2 – Test the Primary Speaker by Playing Music

Play a song on the primary speaker to ensure it’s functioning correctly before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3 – Turn on the Second Speaker and Initiate Pairing

Switch on the second speaker, then press and hold the Connect Plus/PartyBoost button on both speakers for about 3 seconds, initiating the pairing process.

Step 4 – Allow the Speakers to Connect

Give the speakers a few seconds to establish their connection. Once connected, you’ll experience enhanced audio through your linked speaker setup.

To connect multiple JBL speakers, simply follow steps 3 and 4 for each additional speaker. Note that the PartyBoost speaker lineup uses the same connectivity procedure to link multiple units. Be aware that JBL Flip 6 (PartyBoost compatible) cannot pair with older Connect Plus pairing technology found in JBL Flip 4.

With these steps, you’ll be able to effortlessly connect JBL speakers and enjoy a richer audio experience from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Uses for Connect Plus or PartyBoost

Connect Plus and PartyBoost offer numerous advantages when pairing multiple portable Bluetooth speakers together. One notable use is creating a more expansive stereo field to enhance the listening experience. This technique simulates the sound of a stereo system or HiFi, improving the separation between the left and right channels.

Another benefit is the ability to form a space-efficient home theater system. By connecting two speakers, users can save floor or shelf space while still enjoying an immersive audio experience.

Additionally, these features provide extra volume when hosting parties, serving as an accessible method for amplifying sound without straining individual speakers. By strategically placing connected speakers in various rooms, the music can flow seamlessly throughout the space. Popular JBL speakers with Connect+ or PartyBoost compatibility include the Flip 6, Pulse 5, Xtreme 3, and Charge 5. Once connected, users can easily switch to PartyBoost mode or form a stereo pair to enjoy an enhanced audio experience, complete with LED light effects on select models.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to connect various JBL speaker models together?

While JBL speakers can be connected with each other, compatibility depends on the pairing protocols they support. Speakers using Connect/Connect Plus can be linked together, as can PartyBoost supported speakers. However, PartyBoost speakers cannot be connected with Connect Plus speakers.

Do I require the JBL app for connecting speakers?

Using the JBL Connect or PartyBoost app is not mandatory for linking speakers, but it offers an alternative way to do so. Additionally, the app provides extra features that might be useful, particularly in party settings.

What if the JBL app isn’t working on my Android device?

To ensure the JBL app functions properly on Android devices, it is essential to have an operating system of 5.0 or higher.

How can I disconnect one of my connected JBL speakers?

When using multiple JBL speakers in a chain (either via Connect Plus or PartyBoost), you can disconnect a single speaker in two ways:

  1. Press and hold the Connect button once more, allowing the speaker to be removed from the chain and enabling independent pairing if needed.
  2. Turn off the specific speaker, which won’t impact the rest of the connected speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to initiate pairing mode for a JBL speaker?

  1. Turn on the JBL speaker.
  2. Press the “Bluetooth” button on the speaker. Some models may also have a dedicated “Pairing” button.
  3. The speaker will emit a tone, and its Bluetooth indicator will begin to blink, signifying it’s in pairing mode.

Connecting two JBL Partybox on-the-go speakers

  1. Turn on both speakers.
  2. Press the “Partybox Pairing” button on each speaker (usually labeled with an icon representing two speakers connected).
  3. Wait for the speakers to automatically pair and play audio in sync.

Linking JBL Flip 5 speakers using PartyBoost

  1. Establish a connection between the first JBL Flip 5 and your device.
  2. Press the “PartyBoost” button on the connected speaker.
  3. Turn on the second JBL Flip 5 speaker and press its “PartyBoost” button.
  4. Wait for both speakers to link and play audio together.

Pairing JBL GO 3 speakers together

Currently, the JBL GO 3 does not support the ability to pair multiple speakers together.

Troubleshooting JBL speaker connection issues

  1. Ensure the device’s Bluetooth is on and within range of the speaker.
  2. Restart both the speaker and the device.
  3. Remove/forget the JBL speaker from your device’s Bluetooth settings and redo the Bluetooth pairing process.

Connecting a JBL speaker to a home Wi-Fi network

JBL portable speakers do not have native Wi-Fi connectivity capabilities. They are primarily designed for Bluetooth connections. However, some home speaker systems, like the JBL Link Series, have built-in Wi-Fi and can be connected to your home network using the Google Home app.

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