Will 6.5 Speaker Fit 6×8? (Answered)

Speaker sizes change over time. Most speakers have become larger over time, and the 6.5 speaker size can be hard to find accessories for. They can also be hard to fit into the more standard speaker-size slots of 6×8. As universal sizing has never been part of the speaker reality, you will find that 6×8 is one of the more common speaker sizes these days, but not the only speaker size slot you might be trying to make 6.5 speakers fit into.

Knowing how to make a 6.5 speaker work for a 6×8 slot can require some creative solutions, but it is possible. You will just need to do some trimming and some supporting of the back of the speaker to be sure that you are going to keep the speaker in place so it will not move around or rattle.

Options to Make a 6.5 Speaker Fit 6×8

In most cases, your best bet to make a 6.5 speaker fit into a 6×8 slot will be to trim places that are not the right shape and then to use a wood or plastic template to fill in the gaps. You can choose to make your own templates, but there are companies that actually make these inserts to solve this problem with ease for you.

Be sure that you look at the make and model of the speakers that you are trying to make fit. If you order the wrong size filler pieces for your make and model of speaker, you might have to do a lot of revision to get them to work out. This is one of the places where people often make mistakes when undertaking this kind of process, but you can get around this issue with some attention to detail.

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Always be sure that you test if the speaker is going to rattle or make noise when it is being used as well. This can be resolved by placing some support under or around the speaker to deal with vibrations or movement that you want to eliminate. As a rule of thumb, a smaller speaker in a larger slot will need to have a variety of different support structures placed behind it to make sure that it will not want to move around and make an annoying vibrating noise. You can easily look online at other people’s workarounds for this problem and get some ideas that will work for your unique installation situation.

6.5 Speakers Can Work With 6×8 Slots

If you are up for the challenge of retrofitting speakers into 6×8 slots, you can make your 6.5 speakers work for this purpose. This just requires some aftermarket templates to be used as filler, and it will likely also necessitate some filler or support behind the speaker to keep it from vibrating and making noise all the time. You should always test that the speaker will perform correctly before you consider your installation job complete. 

6.5 speakers can be used with larger speaker slots if you have the time and patience to make sure th

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