Will 6×9 speakers fit in 6×8?

Will 6x9 speakers fit in 6x8

This is a much-debated question – will 6X9 speakers fit in 6X8? It can be done, in most cases. It might take a bit of work but it is certainly possible. One thing to watch out for is the depth of the speaker. It is not just the dimension of the front of the speaker you need to worry about. 

Let’s take a closer look at this issue. 

What are 6×9 speakers and why use them?

Early cars did not have much space so 6X9 speakers were often used, generally on the parcel shelf or the deck at the rear window. The basic sound systems of the day often came with no front speakers. That was unlike today where we have multiple speakers in modern vehicles. 

The design of 6X9 speakers made the best use of this limited space. There was no standardization of sizes so options were limited. The 6X9 speakers allowed for better sound delivery due to the oval design. It meant you could fit a larger speaker into the narrow space available. Round speakers would have to be smaller to fit the shelf. 

Although modern cars offer a lot more space, bigger is generally still better when it comes to speaker size. A 6X9 design will give you more surface area and therefore more potential volume than comparable round speakers. 

What benefits do 6X9 speakers offer?

Apart from being compact and fitting into smaller spaces they also deliver outstanding bass. This is one of the main reasons they still remain popular to this day. While cars have more available space many people love the rich deep bass that a 6X9 delivers. The alternative is to invest in an additional subwoofer if you have the space. 

Do 6×9 speakers fit 6×8?

It may not always be an easy process but it is certainly possible to put 6X9 speakers into a spot where your 6X8’s were. It really depends on the setup and size. Not all speakers are standard. You might get lucky and it is quick and easy. Alternatively, it might take some work. Either way, it can be done. 

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The best bet is to make sure before you start this project. Ensure there is enough space, particularly the depth of the speaker. Then, if work is needed, ensure you have the skills and tools to do the job. You want to be confident that you can complete the work. It has to look good and work effectively. 

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What’s the difference between 6×8 and 6×9 speakers?

Speakers that are 6×8 are fractionally smaller than 6×9 inch speakers. Looking at them it is hard to notice any difference. 6X8 Speakers are often used as replacements for 6×9 speakers. Sometimes a 6X9 speaker will not fit so a 6X8 is one way to replace them by using an adapter or making modifications. 

Are all 6×9 speakers compatible?

This is one of those yes and no answers. One would expect that all 6X9 speakers are compatible but there is one major issue to consider, the depth. While the speakers might fit perfectly into the speaker space, some models need more depth than you might have available. This is normally only an issue with compact vehicles that have less space. 

It is important that you look into this before investing in 6X9 speakers if you have a smaller car. It could not fit at all or get in the way of other things like the widow mechanics. 

In some cases, you might need an adapter, and often a bit of work is needed but this is not a major job. In most cases, it will be quick and easy. 

Are 5×7 and 6×8 speakers the same?

Yes, they are the same but that is not the full story. For starters, you will find that the mounting holes differ. This means that a bit of work is needed to mount the different speaker types. This should not be a major job and is not difficult but it will take some effort and time. 

While most aspects are the same there are slight differences that will require some effort to get them right. 

Will 6×9 speakers fit in a F150?

If you know your work pretty much nothing is impossible. That is not to say it is always advisable. In this instance, fitting 6X9 speakers into a F150 is perfectly acceptable provided you know how to do the job and are prepared to do a bit of work. It is not a quick and simple swop but not a difficult job. 

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There are many forums and sources that offer great advice on how to do this. Here is a good example.

Unless you are an experienced expert, take the time to do some research to establish the correct way to do this. Ensure you have the skills, knowledge, and equipment to get it done correctly. If not, refer it to a  specialist that has the experience. 

It will most likely involve a bit of cutting into the car doors. If this is an issue, look for other speakers. If you want 6X9 in your F150 or similar vehicle, anything can be done with the right method. 

The 6×9 vs. 6×8 Speaker Dilemma

Why Consider 6×9 Speakers Over 6×8?

The debate between 6×9 and 6×8 speakers is ongoing. While both have their merits, 6×9 speakers generally offer a larger surface area, which can translate to better sound quality, especially in the bass department. If you’re looking for a richer, deeper sound, 6×9 might be the way to go.

Compatibility Concerns

One of the primary concerns when considering a switch from 6×8 to 6×9 speakers is compatibility. Will the 6×9 speakers fit seamlessly into the 6×8 slot? The answer is, it depends. While the surface dimensions might seem compatible, the depth of the speaker plays a crucial role. Always measure the depth available in your car before making a purchase.

Adapting to Fit

If you’re set on installing 6×9 speakers in a 6×8 slot, be prepared for some modifications. This might involve creating new mounting holes or even cutting into the car doors. While these modifications are manageable for those with some DIY experience, it’s essential to approach the task with caution. A wrong cut or misaligned hole can lead to more significant issues down the line.

Benefits of Adapters

For those not keen on making permanent modifications, speaker adapters are a viable option. These adapters allow for the easy installation of 6×9 speakers in 6×8 slots without the need for extensive modifications. It’s a convenient solution that maintains the integrity of the vehicle while allowing for an audio upgrade.


The bottom line is that you can fit 6X9 speakers into 6X8 speaker positions. It could possibly take a little bit of work and effort but it can be done. Be sure to check the depth available and you need to know what you are doing to get it perfect. You don’t want a poor job. 

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