Vizio Sound Bar Bluetooth Pairing Not Working (Solved)

Vizio Sound Bar Bluetooth Pairing Not Working (Solved)

Bluetooth is an amazing technology but at times it can cause frustration. We look at the solution to problems when your Vizio Sound Bar Bluetooth pairing is not working. 

The first step is to reset your source devices as well as the Vizio Sound Bar. Once they have been reset, you will need to pair them again. 

This should work. If not, we will have to dig a bit deeper. 

What To Do if the Bluetooth Audio Pairing Is Not Working?

There are several options. As with most technological devices, the first step is always to reset. Reset both devices, as we said above, the source device as well as the Visio Sound Bar. Your connection will disappear so follow the normal steps to set the pairing again. 

What if that does not work?

In most cases, that should solve the problem. If not, here is what you need to do.

Test on a different source device

If the Bluetooth pairing is not working, try using a different device. The point of this is that it will help to tell you if the problem lies with the Vizio Sound Bar or the source device. You can use any device that has Bluetooth and can transmit audio. 

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Delete other paired devices

If you have multiple devices paired to a sound bar, it may cause confusion. Some devices have limits, and this could be the cause. Delete some of the devices and certainly anything that is no longer used or active. 

Once again, a reset might do the trick and delete all old connections and allow you to connect to the correct source. 

Test the Bluetooth range

This could also be an issue. All devices have a specific range. The Visio Sound Bar allows for up to 30 feet, on average. The source device could well have a smaller range. 

Try bringing the source device close to the Vizio Sound Bar. You might need to reset and pair them again. If this solves the problem, you know that distance was the issue. 

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Pairing problems when using a PC

If your source device is a PC and you are having connection issues it might be a driver issue. In most cases, the 2 devices should pair easily but you might find that you need specific drivers installed on the PC to pair to the sound bar over Bluetooth. 

A quick Google search should give you a few options to try. 

Interference from other Bluetooth devices

It could be that several other Bluetooth devices within range are causing interference. You want to move these devices away or move away from the other devices. 

Make sure you have paired the device correctly

While the process is fairly easy, it might be that you made a mistake along the way. 

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Here is the correct process to pair your Vizio sound bar:

  • On the sound bar, hold the Bluetooth button for roughly 5 seconds
  • The LED on the front panel should flash up and down – this tells you it is in pairing mode
  • On your source device, search for and select the Vizio Sound Bar
  • Once the devices are successfully paired the flashing should stop
  • Test the audio

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If you have tried all of the above steps and are sure the problem is not with the source device, you will need to get hold of the Vizio support people or get an expert to look at it. Fortunately, Vizio is an established brand, and they offer good customer care. 

Good luck and happy listening. 

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