The 8 Best Outdoor Alexa Speakers of 2024

The Best Outdoor Alexa Speakers

Every household needs a great outdoor speaker. It’s almost and essential at this point. It doesn’t matter what the occasion, be it a camping trip, barbeque, trip to the beach, or simply working in the yard, having an outdoor speaker is always welcome. Now, not every outdoor speaker works with Alexa, however. So we’re going to cover the best outdoor Alexa speakers. 

We’re going to take a deep dive into eight of the best outdoor Alexa speakers on the market to help you make the best decision on which speaker you’re going to get for your outdoor activities. We’ll have you rocking out in the garden faster than you can say ‘Alexa.’

The 8 Best Outdoor Alexa Speakers:

1. ION Tailgate Smart: Outdoor Echo Speaker Dock

ION Tailgate Smart - Outdoor Echo Speaker Dock
Size12.6 x 9.65 x 13.48 inches
Weight17.06 pounds
Power50W with Echo Dot Cradle

We are starting strong with a top-notch brand and a brilliant product in the ION Tailgate Smart: Outdoor Echo Speaker Dock. Now, unfortunately, Alexa is not built into this outdoor speaker. Still, it can utilize the power of Alexa, and that makes it just as good due to its sturdy build, which is perfect for the outdoors. 

The ION Tailgate Smart is built to include a 6.5-inch 2-way speaker which produces a clear, crisp, and rich sound. It also has an internal amplifier that pumps 50 watts of power into your music experience. For the price of this speaker, the quality of its sound performance is phenomenal. In addition, its battery lasts up to 50 hours unless you’re using it for more than just Alexa (i.e., charging phones and other devices).

You can also stream via Bluetooth with the ION Tailgate, which boasts a range of 100 feet. Any nearby device is going to easily be able to connect to your ION Tailgate Smart speaker. While this speaker is designed for outdoor use, it isn’t waterproof so keep that in mind.

If you don’t know much about the ION brand, let us just get one thing out of the way, they build their products to last. Its rugged design features a form-fitted cradle that securely holds your Echo Dot (supports 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation). In addition, it has side handles to help make transportation more effortless.

Overall, this is an excellent product as is usually expected from ION, one of the leading makers of quality tailgate speakers.

2. Sonos Move

Sonos Move Alexa Speaker
Size9.44 x 6.29 x 4.96 inches
Weight6.61 pounds
Power1 Lithium-ion battery is required. (included)

The Sonos Move is another one of many great speakers on this list that have Alexa capabilities. It produces quality sound and has Alexa built right in so you can use it to its full potential. 

According to the makers of the ‘Move,’ this device can handle humidity, rain, dust, snow, spray, salt, UV rays, extreme heat, extreme cold, and can also handle high-pressure water jets. Weird list of what it can take, not sure why someone would expose it to some of these things, but still good to know.

The Sonos Move is a rather hefty product. It weighs a fair amount more than some of the other options on this list regarding the more portable options. However, suppose you’re an explorer and want to take it on these trips where you may experience some of the weather conditions it can handle. In that case, I guess that doesn’t matter much.

The battery life of the Sonos move is a tad disappointing at 11 hours, which apparently can decrease by two hours after a few months of using the device. However, there is a cord option to use it as a plug-in device as well.

A few other positives and negatives are that it’s pricey and sometimes does appear to have unstable connectivity with open Wi-Fi networks. These aren’t things that should rule this product out, however. On the contrary, it has still got many redeeming qualities that are worth keeping in mind.

3. JBL Charge 4

 JBL Charge 4 Portable Alexa Speaker
Size9.84 x 4.33 x 5.75 inches
Weight2.12 pounds
Power1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

The JBL Charge 4 is a product designed for outdoor use. It sadly doesn’t have Alexa built-in like some of the other devices on this list. Still, it can connect seamlessly to an Echo Dot and other Alexa speakers.

The sound quality of the JBL Charge 4 is rather impressive. It provides crisp highs, solid lows and even has dual passive radiators to deliver robust, ear-catching bass. Admittedly, it isn’t exceptionally powerful, but it is still impressive nonetheless. 

The JBL Charge 4 is dust-proof and water-proof. In terms of battery life, it can last a solid 20 hours, which is incredible for a speaker of its size. It also includes a 3.5mm audio jack and a sleep timer. It’s also waterproof to a certain degree. 

Not necessarily important, but still kind of cool, is the insane amount of options provided in terms of color. You can choose from one of twelve color options! These include the likes of; green, blue, red, multicolor, camo, etc. It also includes a portable hard case which is neat.

Overall this is a solid entry to this list with a small speaker that packs a powerful punch. In addition, it’s durable, portable, and ready to go on an adventure with you.

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4. Bose Portable Smart Speaker

Bose Portable Smart Alexa Speaker
Size4.09 x 4.69 x 7.56 inches
Weight2.34 pounds
Power1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Bose is an exceptional producer of speakers. The Bose Portable Smart Speaker is a great product ready to make that day in the sun just a little more pleasant. The design of the Bose Portable is elegant and features excellent functionality. It is a bit pricey, but depending on what you like, it may just very well be worth it.

On a purely audio level, the Bose Portable Smart Speaker is equipped with excellent sound quality. It is a warm, well-balanced sound that has crisp highs and great low-end sound. In addition, there’s none of that crackling distortion that a cheaper speaker of the Bose Portables size might produce.

On the Bluetooth side of things, we admit this is one of those areas where it proves less competitive up against some of the other speakers on this list. A signal can be broadcast over roughly 30 feet before it starts to struggle.

The Bose Portable is waterproof and has an IPX4 rating. Of course, this doesn’t mean it wants to go swimming, but it can handle a few drops of water here and there. Speaking of durability, it is essential to note that the Bose portable speaker isn’t known to be the most durable product. While it can last a long time, some have said that it is better suited for more calm environments.

On the Alexa side of things, the Bose responds to Alexa, and Google Assistant commands. In addition, you can use the Bose Music App to connect multiple speakers and utilize ‘Party Mode’ and direct left and right channels into separate speakers from the Bose product line. 

The battery life of the Bose portable speaker is 12 hours or so. In comparison, it isn’t as long as some of the other devices on this list; 12 hours is still a reasonable amount of time to listen to music in the garden or at the beach. 

5. Tribit StormBox Bluetooth Speaker

Tribit StormBox Bluetooth Speaker
Size7.08 x 2.7 x 2.7 inches
Weight1.25 pounds
Power24 Watts

Move over every other speaker. We have an award winner over here. The Tribit StormBox won the “Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker” award from CNET. To some, this probably doesn’t mean much, but it’s a pretty big deal.

This speaker is a 1.1 lbs, 7.08” high machine. The Tribit StormBox is capable of producing a quality audio experience that packs a punch. Considering this device’s price, size, and abilities, it’s no wonder it won an award and is a constant favorite for people looking to purchase a speaker for the outdoors.

The Tribit StormBox is ready to show you everything it is made of when it comes to sound quality. Featuring 350-Degree sound at 24 Watts, it produces and distributes an even sound with clear highs and mid-range sound. It also has an ‘XBass’ button for those moments you want to give it some bass boost. The only real complaint that comes up is that the bass isn’t incredible, and for some, the speaker isn’t loud enough. This is dependent on you and your volume needs.

Bluetooth can be connected up to 66 feet away using 4.2 Bluetooth technology. In addition, it is water-resistant so if you’re messy when it comes to keeping it around the pool, never fear. Above all, the StormBox is exceptionally durable. It is capped with rubber bumpers on the top and bottom. 

When it comes to Alexa, there is a one-touch access button to activate Alexa. It accesses Alexa via your phone or Bluetooth. Another great feature, the 20-hour battery life, which is incredible for a device so small. The StormBox is an incredibly well-rounded product.

Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Portable Speaker
Size4.2 x 4.2 x 7.3 inches
Weight2 pounds
Power1 Lithium-ion battery is required. (included)

Another appearance from Bose. Coincidence? I think not. Bose is just an exceptional brand, so their products are unsurprisingly featured prolifically in most lists about quality speakers, both indoor and outdoor. 

In terms of sound, it is typical Bose. The Soundlink Revolve+ Portable features Bose 360-degree sound and overall produces a brilliant sound quality. However, it can get slightly distorted at higher levels, and it isn’t as powerful as the Bose Portable Smart.

The most significant difference between Soundlink Revolve+ Portable and some of the other Bose products on this list is that it doesn’t feature direct integration with Alexa and Google. To achieve true connection, you’ll need to jump through some hoops, but it is possible. Another less than ideal aspect of this product is the lack of Wi-Fi support. 

This speaker is considered their more budget speaker. However, even in saying that, there are many premium qualities to this product.  The Bose Soundlink Revolve+ Portable is unsurprisingly waterproof and has an IPX4 rating. The battery lasts up to 16 hours. It has a fabric handle, making transportation easier.

Overall, the Soundlink Revolve+ Portable is another excellent product from the Bose brand. 

7. Marshall Uxbridge Home Voice Speaker with Amazon Alexa Built-In

Marshall Uxbridge Home Voice Speaker with Amazon Alexa Built-In
Size5.04 x 4.84 x 6.61 inches
Weight3.06 lbs
PowerCorded Electric

For starters, right out of the gate, this speaker is the best looking on the list. No question. Designed to look like a Marshall’s guitar amp, this one wins the award for the most stylish speaker on the list. How does it fair in every other category, though?

Let’s start with the basics. The Uxbridge Home Voice Speaker is Alexa enabled, so you’ll be able to command this smart speaker to do just about anything. 

In terms of sound, the Uxbridge Voice is designed to provide you with booming sound from its compact frame. Marshall’s has gone through the painstaking process of creating a product that is made of advanced setups and high-end components to provide screaming highs and hard-hitting lows. This means you’re getting a well-balanced sound that is signature Marshall’s.

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Another great thing about the Uxbridge sound quality is that it is fully customizable. Your requirements can be met thanks to the rocker buttons on the speaker and the app that helps tune your speaker.

If we can just discuss this a bit more, the design. The Uxbridge features the use of a salt and pepper fret, brass accents, cloth grille, and the signature Marshall logo. Overall, the Uxbridge Home Voice Speaker is built to last, and it’s designed to look good doing so. 

An additional bonus is that there is a Marshall Voice Speaker app. This allows you to control your music, tweak the equalizer, connect to other Alexa built-in devices, and issues commands of various natures. The Uxbridge also features far-field voice recognition and noise cancellation. This means even if you’re across the room and the music is pumping, Alexa will still hear you. 

This is a well-rounded product that looks, sounds, and performs really well in the context of outdoor Alexa speakers. It won’t be something you can take to the beach, but the backyard is the perfect place to let it chill.

8. Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Size3.2 x 3.2 x 8.75 inches
Weight2.90 lbs
Power1 Lithium-ion battery is required. (included)

Finally, we have the Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3. This powerful speaker is ready to deliver a loud, clear, and immersive sound thanks to its 360-degree design. As a result, the sound overall is detailed, dynamic, and can get exceptionally loud. Unfortunately, Amazon Alexa is not built-in, so this will need to be connected manually.

The build of this product is another area of praise with its sleek design, which comes in three colors; lagoon blue, sunset red, and night black. In addition, it is waterproof, always a nice additional feature if you plan to use it at the beach or around the pool. It features IP67 water and dust-proof rating. 

The battery life of the Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM is 20 hours which is perfect for a day out in the sun. Connect multiple speakers using the PartyUp feature on the Ultimate Ears app. You can pain any generation of BOOM and MEGABOOM products together. 

Overall, this product is built to last, great on design, sound quality, battery life, and additional features. It’s a great way to end this list off.

What to look for when buying an outdoor Alexa speaker

Here are a few things to consider when investing in Outdoor Alexa Speakers.

Battery Life

Most of the options on this list feature internal Lithium-ion batteries. These are usually charged with micro USB ports or an actual AC power adapter. Now it is important to note that certain features will drain the battery life faster. With this information, take into account the battery life of your device and determine if maybe you need to invest in a portable battery pack.

Extra Features

Who doesn’t love extra features? The apparent answer, nobody. But, a speaker doesn’t have to be overloaded with extra features to be a great product. Don’t get swept up in the extras because some of these can lessen the quality. 

In some cases, they deplete battery life. In others, they seem great but turn out to be useless. Worst of all, you may negatively compare products that are actually better. 


This might not be an issue for everyone but if you want them to be portable it is best that they are small and light. Some extremely compact outdoor Alexa speakers still deliver quality sound and decent volume. 


Speaking of volume, this is important. For small gatherings, you do not need too much power but for larger outdoor events you want something that can deliver decent volume without sacrificing quality. 

The sound should be crisp and clear with a good frequency range. You want to enjoy quality sound so look for those that deliver. 


The first thing you want to be aware of is the waterproof rating. If they are at home, undercover this is not that important. If they are outdoors or portable then it is better that they can handle a splash or a bit of rain. 

If you plan to take them with you on outdoor adventures, tailgating, camping, and other activities, they will take a few knocks along the way. Make sure the materials are designed to handle this and that they are well-made. 


Prices range so give some thought to your budget. Buy according to your needs. Those with more power, better battery life, and additional features are bound to be more expensive but are worth the investment if that is what you need. If you are on a tight budget there are still many great options. 


Does Alexa need to be built into the device?

No. The important part is, can this device facilitate a connection with Alexa. If so, which version and model? These are more critical questions that need to be asked and answered based on your research.

What size speakers do I need?

This is all about you. First, you should know what you’re looking for in a speaker. If you’re looking for a small speaker that can fit in your bag, then look for the best portable speaker. If you don’t mind a more hefty product, then look at all the available options. There are great options in all sizes. 

Equally important is that size won’t determine if a product is excellent. Some small speakers are great, others terrible. The same applies to oversized speakers, or more extended speakers, or taller speakers. So the size doesn’t always mean it is inherently better.

How much should I be spending on an outdoor Alexa speaker?

This is something that you have to answer for yourself. For context, however, you can find great speakers for $150 or less. You will obviously have the ones that go beyond this price. Still, when you get to the $50 and below, you’re going to be finding products that are low in quality and may not have much to offer.

How to pair an Alexa device to a Bluetooth speaker

Please note that this method may not work for every device. For example, some devices may already have Alexa as a built-in feature, which means this process isn’t necessary.

  1. Put your Bluetooth device in ‘Pairing Mode.’
  2. Open the Alexa app and tap ‘Devices.’
  3. Select your device, then select Bluetooth.
  4. Select the ‘Pair a new Device’ option. 
  5. Once the Alexa product discovers the Bluetooth device, you can simply select it. Alexa will let you know if it is a successful pairing.
  6. In the Alexa app, select ‘Continue,’ and now you should have completed the pairing process.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, now you have a better idea of what to look for in an outdoor Alexa speaker. With so many options available, it’s great to know what you’re looking for in size, power, performance, features, battery life, and beyond. We hope this article helped determine which one might be the best outdoor Alexa speaker for you.

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