Kissral Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones Review

Kissral Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones Review

Kissral specializes in manufacturing Bluetooth speakers and Bluetooth earbuds and has a decade-long history of developing good products.

If you are not familiar with the idea of bone conduction headphones, you should know that it serves as an alternative to the usual air-conducted earphones or headphones. As opposed to transmitting sound vibrations through the air to your cochlea, bone conduction headphones rely on vibrations transmitted through your skull, bone labyrinth, and the inner year. Both modes of sound transmission eventually reach your brain’s auditory center through the auditory nerve.

Bone conduction technology has various uses. In the 18th century, celebrated deaf composer Beethoven used a stick that was connected to his jawbones to hear his piano notes. In modern times, it is used by call center employees, military personnel, in hearing aids, and by professional police officers. It is also popular with cycling and running enthusiasts, who use bone conduction headphones to listen to their favorite music while remaining alert to the auditory input from their immediate environment.

As with many bone conduction headphones, these black Kissral headphones are being marketed as being “safer and healthier” than its regular air-conducted counterparts. The claims about eliminating discomfort and preventing bacterial infections in your inner ears are likely to be true, but you should note that bone conduction headphones do not prevent the risk of cochlear damage with prolonged use.

Like its air-conducted counterparts, the sound waves they transmit will still be transduced by the cochlea. The claim that it “prevent[s] hearing damage” inflicted by regular headphones can be slightly misleading, as most MP3 players have been designed to prevent eardrum damage by limiting their maximum output level to 100 decibels (which is the recommended upper limit for MP3 player volumes that recommended by the European Union Consumer Affairs Commissioner).

Kissral Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones Review Features

This foldable open ear Bluetooth bone conduction headphone from Kissral comes in a sleek black design. It measures at 5.2 x 4.9 x 1.6 inches and weighs 8 ounces (227 grams).

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As with many bone conduction headphones, the Kissral Bluetooth 4.0 bone conduction headphone has been designed to be compatible with athletic use. It is made with waterproof and sweat durable material, making it suitable for use while running, cycling, hiking, or even skiing. It fits comfortably over the ears (without obscuring your ear canal) and over the back of your head. The U-shaped foldable design also makes it flexible and highly portable.

It comes equipped with smart chips that rely on Bluetooth 4.0 technology. This provides a secure and stable barrier-free transmission within a radius of 10 meters.

Use the multi-function keys on the earpiece to control it without the fuss of tangle-prone wires. The music play/pause button also serves as a means to answer and hang up on calls, as well as to alternate between tracks. You can reduce or increase the volume via a separate pair of buttons.

Sound Quality

Each earpiece comes with 360 degrees of small sound holes, which provide a full-bodied and three-dimensional listening experience. Furthermore, the shell structure provides high sound insulation that reduces most of the sound leakage (common property of bone conduction headphones) while reducing most of the noise input from your immediate external environment.

This noise cancellation feature allows you to enjoy a crystal-clear listening experience (with a powerful bass) when listening to music or making calls, but it compromises your ability to be attentive to your immediate surroundings.


It runs on one lithium-ion battery, which is included with the headphones. The battery can be recharged via the accompanying USB charging cable. On a full charge (which takes up to two hours), you can enjoy up to four-five hours of music play. If you have an Apple device or an Android device with an IOS version that is greater than 7.0, you can easily keep track of how much battery power you have left with a handy battery capacity display.

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The Kissral Bluetooth 4.0 bone conduction headphone comes with a USB charging cable, a carrying bag, and a user’s manual.


The Kissral Bluetooth 4.0 bone conduction headphone was designed with athletic use in mind and thus comes with a sporty and flexible design that will allow you to listen to your favorite tracks as you run, work out in the gym, cycle, or hike. Its noise reduction technology nevertheless comes with a compromise. You benefit from a three-dimensional listening experience that will amplify the bass of your favorite tracks, but you also dilute your attention to the sounds from your external environment.

This makes it suitable for indoor use (e.g. in the gym, basketball court, etc.), but may place you at risk when running or cycling along a busy road. You may not hear a warning shout or car horn when you need to, so be sure to keep the noise levels at a satisfactory level when using these headphones outdoors.


  • At under $70, Kissral Bluetooth 4.0 bone conduction headphone provide excellent functionality at an affordable price
  • It comes in U-shaped foldable, comfortable, and versatile design
  • Its lightweight design and sweat-resistant material makes it highly compatible with athletic pursuits
  • With up to five hours of music play, you can use it while participating in prolonged hikes, marathons, or cycling trips
  • It is also suitable for deaf and hearing-impaired individuals
  • Every Kissral product has a 12 months replacement warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • The Kissral-US Amazon storefront has a 91% positive feedback rating over the past twelve months


  • The noise reduction technology allows for a high fidelity listening experience, but it prevents you from being aware of your immediate surroundings
  • Weighing at 227 grams (0.5 lbs, 8 ounces) the Kissral Bluetooth 4.0 is fairly light, but there are lighter bone conduction headphones on the market

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