How to Fix Static in Headphones (Answered)

How to Fix Static in Headphones

One of the most aggravating inconveniences, when you have just settled down to listen to some music or watch a video, is being interrupted by the annoying crackling of static noise. To further this frustration is when you just can not seem to find that sweet spot that stops the interference. How do you make this torturous noise go away and fix the problem?

We have compiled the most likely reasons your headphones are making a static noise and how best to go about fixing the problem. 

What Causes Static Noise in Headphones?

The first step in how to fix your headphone’s static noise problem is determining what causes this annoyance. As with most things in life, you cannot fix a problem without first knowing or understanding what caused it in the first place. With the problem of static noise in headphones, there are a few likely causes. 

Firstly, there is the simple problem being with incorrect audio settings. Next, there could be an issue with disconnected or loose wires in your headphones. The problem may be with the Auxiliary port, or the speaker on the headphones may be damaged. And of course, there is the possibility of the problem being with wireless headphones. 

How Do You Fix Headphone Static Noise Problem with Damaged Speakers?

Checking your headphone’s hardware should be the first step in determining where the issue lies. Doing so will result in saving time fiddling with various settings and other features unnecessarily. To determine the headphones are the cause of the static noise, try plugging them into another trusted device that you know for sure is working perfectly well. 

If the static noise persists, you know the problem is with the headphones and not the original device. Unfortunately, the easiest solution to this problem is to invest in a new pair of headphones. 

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How Do You Fix Static Noise in Headphones with Incorrect Audio Settings?

In some cases, the static noise you hear from your headphones is not because there is a problem with your headphones at all. But rather, a software issue such as incorrect audio settings. To fix this problem, you will need to check the sound settings on your audio device. 

You will need to change the settings on your audio playback device to find which ones work in fixing the problem. 

How Do You Fix Headphone Static Noise Problem with Disconnected or Loose Wires?

Loose or disconnected wires are a common occurrence with devices that are used roughly. Sometimes it just happens with age as the wires can corrode. There are three solutions to this problem. 

The first solution is to fiddle with the connection points of your headphones. Fiddling with and rotating the AUX will disturb the wires. You will likely solve the problem by fumbling the wires to a point where they make contact again, but this is not a permanent solution. 

The next solution to this problem is to cut the wire of your headphones and manually attach the wires to the headphone jack. You will need to open the wire cover to ensure you place the correct wires to the corresponding ends. This is a more in-depth solution that may not be possible for some people. 

The final solution, unfortunately, is to accept defeat and purchase a new pair of headphones

How Do You Fix Headphone Static Noise Problem with Auxiliary Port Issues?

This issue is much more common than some may think. The most common cause for this problem is a dirty or corroded AUX port or socket. To determine if your AUX port is the problem, simply plug your headphones into a different device. If there is no static noise, the problem is with your auxiliary socket and not your headphones. 

Another way of checking if your AUX port is the problem is by moving your headphone’s AUX jack around the socket. If the static crackles around with your movement, this is a sure sign the port is the problem and not your headphones. 

To fix this issue, you simply have to clean your device’s auxiliary port. The best way to get the dirt out of the tiny hole is to carefully use a toothpick. Pick out the dirt in the AUX port carefully with the toothpick. 

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To check that you have got all the dirt, you can plug your headphones back into the device. If there is still static, there is still dirt in the socket that needs to be cleaned out. No static noise means you have successfully cleaned your AUX port!

On the other hand, if you have cleaned all the dirt out of the AUX port and your headphones are still producing a static noise, try giving the headphone jack a cleaning too. There may be a build-up of dirt around the AUX jack on your headphones that is also interfering with the connection. 

How Do You Fix Headphone Static Noise with Wireless Headphones?

Interestingly, when using wireless headphones, you are more susceptible to hearing static noises than with wired headphones. This is typically a result of interferences from other, nearby objects or devices. 

To solve this issue, ensure that there are no interferences, such as barriers, with your wireless headphones and the connected device. Being separated from the playback device can result in connectivity issues as reduce the overall quality of the sound. 

How Do You Prevent Static Noise in Your Headphones?

Prevention really is the key to avoiding almost all problems. You can easily prevent the annoying interference of static sound by doing a few simple things.

First off, regularly cleaning both your headphone jack and AUX port is one of the main preventative measures. Keeping these areas clean and clear of any dirt, dust, and debris will minimize the likelihood of your having an issue with static noise. 

Second, regularly check your headphone’s wires. The wires on headphones are susceptible to damage over time. For the best care, you should always remove the headphone jack by grabbing it by the hard plastic casing and not pulling it by the wire. 

Lastly is biting the bullet and upgrading your headphones. Most people can overlook this. They may use the same pair of headphones for years without realizing how much time has passed. In this case, the best thing to do is to just upgrade to a new pair of headphones and retire the old pair. 

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There can be a number of reasons why headphones suddenly start producing static noises. By eliminating certain causes, it will make finding the true cause of the problem much simpler. Above all, however, prevention is always best! Although small, headphones play a big role in our lives, and they should be taken care of and used properly. Unfortunately, in some cases, retiring your old headphones is the easiest and possibly the only solution to a problem.

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