Can You Replace Component Speakers With Coaxial Speakers? (Answered)

Not everyone can afford the expense of purchasing premium component speakers; thankfully coaxial speakers are more widely available at department stores, auto parts shops or independent electronics stores.

Complement speakers tend to be more affordable than component speakers, and offer crisper sound quality – but are they worth upgrading to?

Yes, it is generally possible to replace component speakers with coaxial speakers, but there are some considerations to keep in mind.

Ease of Installation

Coaxial speakers offer one major advantage over component speakers: Easy installation. There’s an online guide dedicated to your car that will walk you through how to choose and install specific sizes, saving you from running new wires or having to take out doors just to add new speakers compared to with component models.

Component speakers are more complex to install and require you to run separate cables for tweeters, woofers and crossovers – as well as the removal of existing panels in your car – making this task even more daunting for beginners.

Component speakers require an amplifier in order to perform at their best and this adds further expense. Coaxial speaker sets generally provide better sound quality and are worth your money; component speakers may be better suited to audiophiles looking to customize their setup in order to create the optimal soundstage, though they may not be appropriate if upgrading on a tight budget.

Less Expensive to Install

Coaxial speakers are more cost-effective alternatives to component speakers, and feature both tweeter and woofer in one frame for easy installation. This makes them a good option for anyone seeking an upgrade without spending a great deal of money or effort.

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However, they will not offer the same performance and clarity as component speakers, and are less moisture resistant; this can cause them to gradually deteriorate with use; this is especially true of non-branded coaxial speakers composed of low-grade materials like polypropylene.

Component speakers are more expensive but offer superior overall sound quality compared to coaxial models, making installation simpler and offering greater customization options. Though easier to set up, component speakers require some experience in audio setups and planning the layout of your speaker system to get the best use out of them. It is also recommended to go for high-quality brand names instead of budget manufacturers that often have higher defect rates and inferior designs than their reputable counterparts.

Better Sound Quality

Coaxial speakers offer an upgrade over their single cone factory counterparts, but do not produce as satisfying sound quality as component speaker sets do. Component sets feature separate woofers, tweeters and advanced crossovers to deliver an amazing listening experience.

Component speaker setups offer more control in terms of stereo imaging and clarity of sound; plus they boast higher RMS power ratings as well as stronger materials for their woofer and tweeters, which in turn provide improved performance.

Component speakers feature independent designs that reduce interference from other parts of the cabinet as they move around within it, unlike coaxial ones which often experience this issue due to different directions that their woofer and tweeter may move in. Many prefer component speakers over coaxial models as these deliver superior audio quality that most car owners will appreciate.

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More Customizable

Coaxial speakers feature all their drivers built into one speaker for convenience, whereas component speakers offer superior audio performance and customization options. While component speakers may cost more, their improved sound quality and clarity more than make up for their higher price point.

Component speakers feature separate components that enable each driver to handle specific frequencies for an immersive, more lifelike soundstage and detailed music experience.

3-Way coaxial speakers offer an even richer audio experience than 2-way models, featuring a woofer, mid-range driver and tweeter to provide more textured tones and higher frequency sounds. A component speaker set has become an increasingly popular choice among audiophiles and enthusiasts.

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