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Writing full time from home, Charl enjoys modern technology and advanced gadgets but still has a soft spot for quality reliable appliances. He is passionate about durability and quality going to great lengths to find the very best ideas and leading products to share with readers.

Are JBL Speakers Good

Are JBL Speakers Good? (Answered)

JBL is a proudly American company that has been in the speaker, headphone, and audio equipment business since 1927. Any company that makes it this long in such a competitive market must be doing something right. In fact, they must be doing a great...

Does My Monitor Have Speakers?

Does My Monitor Have Speakers?

Many people may wonder – do monitors come with speakers? With such a wide range of monitors in different price categories, you will find that some monitors do come with speakers and some do not. What you will probably find is that most modern...

In-Ear vs On-Ear vs Over-Ear Headphones

In-Ear vs On-Ear vs Over-Ear Headphones

Listening to music on smartphones has become the norm, rather than the exception in this era of constant modern technology advancement. You are now able to listen to music while carrying out a vast array of activities such as exercising, online...

The Best Tower Speakers

The 6 Best Tower Speakers of 2022

Tower speakers are often the best option for your home audio needs. They tend to be relatively large floor-standing speakers and most have a sleek modern design. They typically deliver a rich sound across all frequencies as they use multiple drivers...

What is a phono preamp

What is a Phono Preamp? (Answered)

Vinyl has seen a massive increase in popularity in recent years. Music fans, young and old, are again appreciating the fidelity of records. LP sales are booming and turntables are becoming a must-have for many a listener. In order to appreciate the...

The Best Wireless Headsets for Xbox One

The 8 Best Wireless Headsets for Xbox One of 2022

The is no doubt that the Xbox One is one of the best gaming consoles available. Sure, there are other options but  Xbox really sets the standard and is highly sought after by gamers young and old. An important part of the experience is the...

How to make your speakers louder

How to make your speakers louder

While in most instances the average speaker is loud enough there are times when we want and need more volume. There are several ways to achieve this. Much will depend on the type of speaker we are talking about. We will give you some tips and tricks...

How to Fix Headphone Dent in the Head

How to Fix Headphone Dent in the Head (Easy Guide)

To some, this might sound like a trivial concern but to many headphone users, it can cause alarm. If you spend hours gaming or listening to your favorite tunes or shows, the appearance of a dent in the head can be concerning. We look at how serious...

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