Are Rockville Speakers Good?

Are Rockville Speakers Good

We are spoilt for choice with so many excellent speakers on the market but are they all good? We can’t believe all the marketing hype so one has to go on reviews, sales, tests, and public opinion. Are Rockville speakers good? The reviews out in the digital world speak for themselves. 

With very high average ratings for their products, they are definitely one of the top brands. I was astonished to see all the different products this company produces, from Pro audio and lighting, car audio, marine and Powersports, portable and home audio, and even catering for the karaoke market.

Wow, not many manufacturers of sound systems go this far. With great sound quality and the ability to go very loud, they are a great deal for the price.

How good are Rockville speakers?

Rockville speakers are known for their well-designed models that can be used for a variety of purposes. While they make great speakers, it’s an overwhelming experience finding the one that will suit your need.

The amount of power a speaker can emit at its peak is referred to as its power handling and measured in watts. Rockville produces speakers with a peak power output of between 600 to about 2000 watts depending on your application. 

For a medium-sized room, you will probably need not more than 800 watts peak as the higher the watts you draw the louder the sound. Above 1000 watts is ideal for large gatherings, outside parties, and whatever your heart desires.

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Is Rockville audio a good brand?

As any electronic instrument manufacturers out there can confirm, the chances of something small going wrong with such delicate instruments are huge. Some consumers have some issues with their products, but they are easily solved since the devices are covered by their warranty. With Rockville Speakers, it’s the same.

The Rockville brand covers an amazing range of products not only speakers but including all the other controls to make your sound system sound the best. Their products are well designed for every different application used. From hot tub to vehicle monitors, they do it all. They offer good customer service and even have an online chat 24/7 that’s very helpful. They are also user-friendly. 

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Are Rockville home speakers any good?

Our experience and research leads us to believe these speakers are extremely good for the price you pay. You get the high quality you deserve. 

Rockville has broken down its home speakers into 4 different categories, each category covers several different types, sizes, colors, and shapes to serve your best needs. Rockville provides home speakers for any installation methods, namely.

The Best Rockville Home Speakers:

  • Ceiling sound systems. There are 11 different types. Select only one of these items below.

Rockville HC655-16 6.5” White 500 Watt 2-Way In-Ceiling Home Theater Speakers

Click here for more in-ceiling speakers.

  • Tower systems. Rockville audio has 101 different types. I Selected only one of these items below.

Rockville TM150B Black Home Theater System Tower Speakers 10″ Sub/Bluetooth/USB

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Click here for more tower speakers.

  • Wall sound systems. Here Rockville has 78 different types. One of the many I selected is below.

Rockville D4-8 White Dual 4″ 8 Ohm Wall Mount Swivel Home Theater Speaker

Click here for more in-wall speakers.

  • Bookshelf and compact sound systems. Here they have an astonishing 149 different types. Below is only one of the selections available.

Rockville HD5B 150w Black Home Theater System Bookshelf Speakers/Bluetooth/USB

Click here for more bookshelf speakers.

What company makes Rockville speakers?

Rockville speakers are sold by Rockville Audio at 600 Bayview ave
Inwood, NY 11096. They are designed in the USA, and yes Rockville products are manufactured in China. Many consumers prefer products that are manufactured in the USA, but internationally manufactured products don’t always mean lower quality. My question is did Rockford Fosgate buy out Rockville Audio or did Rockville audio buy out Rockford Fosgate?
Where is Rockville audio-based out of?

Not much can be found in the company history, but it is headquarters is based in New York and provides its customers with high-quality products that are developed by a team of highly qualified professional designers and engineers.


There are many excellent speaker options available and Rockville is one of them. They receive a heap of positive feedback and sell very well.  The range is impressive, the performance is good, and the service is excellent. If you are in the market for new speakers, Rockville is a brand to consider. 

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