Which Speakers Are not Made in China? (Answered)

If you are looking to buy speaker products, you might not be sure if you want to buy from China. There are many different places where speakers can be manufactured, and you can elect to get your speakers from other countries if you wish.

There are various brands of speakers that are not made in China. You will find that companies like Klipsch, Vandersteen Audio, and Element Electronics are made in the US. Aurun Acoustics, Creative Sound Solutions, and Hansen Audio are good examples of speaker companies that are located in Canada. Dali, Foal, and Genelec are brands in Europe that make quality speakers products.

Speaker Brands Not Made in China

  1. US Companies: Audio Research, Avalon Acoustics, Element Electronics, Klipsch, McIntosh, Schlit, Vandersteen Audio, YG Acoustics
  2. Canadian Companies: Angstrom, Aurum Acoustics, Coincident Speaker Technology, Creative Sound Solutions, Energy Speaker Systems, Ethera Loudspeaker Systems, Gershman Acoustics, Hansen Audio, Paradigm, PSB Speakers, Reference 3A Loudspeakers, Tetraspeakers, Totem Acoustic, Verity Audio
  3. European Companies: Old School Audio Speakers, Moose Sound Speakers, Linn, KEF, Genelec, Focal, Devialet, Dali

Will Speakers That Are Not Made in China Cost More?

Speakers that are not made in China can cost more. Chinese products are almost uniformly cheaper than products that are made in other parts of the world. However, not every single item that is made in China is much more expensive in other markets. There is a lot of variability in the cost of electronics within different markets. You do not need to assume that you have to buy from China to get good prices on your speaker purchases.

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Speakers are a key part of your sound system setup, and you will find that getting a quality speaker is more important than you might think. This can be a good argument to shop in other markets since there can be quality concerns related to some Chinese products. Electronics come in all shapes and sizes as well, so China is not your own resource for getting speakers that will work hard for you and produce quality sound every time they are in use.

Always make sure that you look at company ratings for service and longevity of their products before you buy. If you are going to spend slightly more on your speakers to buy in markets besides China, you need to be sure that you are going to have a good experience. Speaker shopping is not limited to shopping in China, so you do not need to worry about being limited in your options.

China is not the Only Place to Buy Speakers

China is not your only option when it comes to buying speakers for your sound system. You will find that speakers that are quite nice are made in many other markets. If you want to avoid buying from China, you can use this guide to help you to find the right kind of speakers for your needs that are sold out of other markets.

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