How Long do Magnepan Speakers Last? (Answered)

Magnepan Speakers, also called “Maggies” are high-quality speakers that are known to last for a very long time. They come in floor-standing, as well as on-wall styles, and they are made with options like center-channel and bass-panel.

Magnepan speakers should last you about 10-12 years if they are properly cared for. The location of the speakers can impact their lifespan, and you might only get 6-8 years from the bass panel or center channel styles. Wall-mounted styles should last for 7-10 years.

These differences in lifespan between speaker models are common to all speaker types, so this is not something that should deter you from buying from this brand. 

Can My Magnepan Speakers Last Longer Than Ten to Twelve Years?

Yes, your Magnepan speakers can last for double the times that the manufacturer promises. If you take good care of your speakers, they can last for a very long time. There are a variety of considerations that can impact the length of time that speakers last. When they are exposed to sunshine and moisture, they can fail much sooner than expected.

You will also get a much shorter lifespan from speakers that are dropped, that fall down off the wall, or that are used as tables or display surfaces. These are never recommended uses for speaker products, and you should not subject your speakers to this kind of treatment for any reason. 

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Magnepan recommends keeping your speakers dust-free and making sure that you clean behind the backs of wall-mounted speakers from time to time. This might require care when taking them down, but removing the dust can be key to the longevity of your wall-mounted speaker units. This is one of the reasons that free-standing speakers often have a longer lifespan than other kinds of speakers.

Warranties Come Along With Quality Speaker Products

If you have purchased your speakers from a recognized and reputable dealer, they will be protected by a warranty. This warranty will last for the promised duration of the lifespan of the speakers. This allows you to get help with issues to do with sound quality, performance problems, or failures. This is a good incentive to buy new, and you will be glad that you have access to the benefit of a warranty just in case something goes wrong with your speakers.

Since your speakers will probably be used a lot over the lifespan of the time that you own them, it’s worth it to have a warranty in place to protect them. 

Magnepan Speakers Last For Around Twelve Years

Magnepan brand speakers will be likely to last for twelve years or more. Some of the wall-mounted versions of these speakers can last for fewer years than this, but most people get much more than twelve years from their speakers. This brand offers a quality warranty with each new purchase, and this warranty will protect your purchase for many years.

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