How Do Halfords Fit Speakers? (Answered)

With so many podcasts, radio programs, and streaming services available today it has never been more accessible to upgrade audio – yet with so many choices it can be daunting to select one!

One thing that can make an enormous difference in sound quality and safety is selecting suitable speakers. This is particularly vital when installing front door systems where deeper speakers will provide superior audio output.

Halfords fits speakers by following these general steps:

  1. Removal: The existing speakers in the vehicle are removed by disconnecting the wiring and unscrewing them from their mounting location.
  2. Wiring: The wiring harness or connectors from the new speakers are matched with the vehicle’s wiring system. Adapters may be required to ensure compatibility.
  3. Mounting: The new speakers are mounted in the designated speaker locations in the vehicle. This typically involves using screws or brackets to secure them in place.
  4. Connection: The speaker wires from the vehicle are connected to the corresponding terminals on the new speakers. Positive and negative connections must be properly matched.
  5. Testing: Once the installation is complete, the audio system is tested to ensure that the new speakers are functioning correctly and producing sound.

It’s worth noting that specific steps and techniques may vary depending on the vehicle’s make and model, as well as the type of speakers being installed. Professional installation services like those offered by Halfords ensure that the process is done correctly and efficiently.


Replacing car speakers is a straightforward process: just find out their size and shape before shopping for replacements of similar shape and size. Wiring them up should also be straightforward if you follow instructions carefully. When changing out front door speakers, also treat their door skins with Dynamat sound deadening material to improve music playback quality and give your vehicle more solidity overall.

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For serious audiophiles, Halfords offers under-seat subwoofers to significantly improve the listening experience. While these require some technical know-how for installation, many stores will install one for you free of charge at their stores. Furthermore, our trained staff has recently begun offering digital radio fitting services at 466 of our stores in preparation for switchover.


When purchasing new speakers, it’s wise to take time and examine all available designs, as there is an array of models. Some speakers feature rear facing options while others front-face; this distinction can help disperse sound more effectively while minimizing echo or other problems in your cabin.

Upgrade your car speaker system for maximum enjoyment during long drives with Halfords online store’s wide variety of car speaker options, you’re bound to find something suitable. Component speakers provide fuller and more dynamic sound than their counterparts but may require an external amp to function correctly – for more help deciding, visit your nearest Halfords store where one of their staff will be happy to advise.

Noise Reduction

Upgrade your car speakers with relative ease. Simply purchase replacements that fit existing holes, follow wiring instructions carefully (disconnect battery first!) and install. If you plan on removing existing rear parcel shelf speakers then be sure to trace around them using a marker pen as this will provide you with a guide when cutting out holes (bear in mind they might even be adhered securely!). When doing so, cut carefully around them as this may leave glue residue behind!

If you need assistance installing car speakers, Halfords professionals offer their expert services for an additional fee during checkout or by inquiring with a colleague in store. In-store services also include installing batteries, wiper blades or bulbs while you wait – starting from just a few pounds each time!

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