Do Magnets Ruin Speakers? (Answered)

If you have spent a lot of time and money setting up a speaker system or a surround sound system, you are probably always worried about something happening that will damage your speakers. One of the most common questions that is asked about this risk is whether or not a magnet can ruin your speakers. This is probably because magnets can actually ruin older styles of TV.

Thankfully, magnets cannot ruin speakers. That being said, you should avoid placing magnets on or around your speakers since they can be hard on other parts of your sound system. The size magnet that would be needed to damage or ruin a speaker would be so big that you would never have this kind of device in your home.

Speakers Have Magnets In Them

Many people are not aware that speakers actually have magnets inside of them. The magnets that are inside of your speakers interact with the audio frequency and help move the cone inside the speaker. This results in sound waves, which are what create compression and allow us to hear the sounds that are being produced by the speakers.

This has been one of the design features of speakers for years and years because it still works the best out of all the possible solutions that might be used instead. You might think that this means that a magnet held near the speaker will then damage the speaker by interacting with the magnet inside of it. This is not the case, and you can rest assured that exposure to a magnet will not cause harm to your speakers.

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What is much more likely to harm speakers are things like moisture, heat, UV rays, and physical damage. Always make sure that you have your speakers in the right kind of locations to avoid these kinds of damage. Magnets will never do the kind of damage that environmental challenges or physical damage can do. Even loose wiring can be much more dangerous to your speakers than magnets, and it is a good idea to check on the connections to your speakers regularly.

Speakers Are Not Impacted by Contact With Magnets

If you have been using magnets on the wall near your speakers or have even stuck them to the sides of your speakers, you don’t need to worry about your speakers being damaged. You should still avoid exposing other parts of your sound system to magnetism from these items, but your speakers should hold up just fine. Speakers are much more likely to be damaged by the sun or moisture in the air than they are to be impacted by things like magnets.

Be sure as well that you are removing dust from your speakers and that you are checking on the connections between the speakers and the amp from time to time. These considerations can help your speakers to last for years without suffering from loss of performance along the way.

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