Can You Wear Out Speakers? (Answered)

If you have just finished setting up your sound system, you might be worried that your speakers could wear out with improper use or over time. There are lots of moving parts in a speaker, and it can seem like they won’t hold up to much use since these parts have to move for sound to be made.

Speakers can wear out over time with extended use. The components inside the speaker, such as the voice coil and cone, can experience wear and tear from the constant movement required to produce sound. This can lead to a decrease in sound quality, distortion, and even complete failure of the speaker. However, the lifespan of a speaker can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the components, the amount of power being sent to the speaker, and how well the speaker is maintained.

Thankfully, a high-quality set of speakers should last for just as long as the other components of your sound system. They are made to move to create sound, so the fact that there are moving parts inside of your speakers does not mean that they are fragile. There are some things that you can do to make your speakers last for a long time, and you might want to take care of them using these tips to add to their longevity.

What to do to Keep Speakers From Wearing Out

  1. Keep Away From Humidity
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Your speakers will need to be kept in a location that does not experience a lot of moisture in the air. Electronics don’t enjoy being exposed to moisture, and even humidity from the air outside can be hard on the parts of your speakers. You will want to be sure that you don’t open the window near your speakers when it is rainy and that you are not exposing them to contact with ambient humidity on a regular basis.

  1. Keep Out of Direct Sunlight

Sunlight can wear out nearly any kind of product. All you need to do is think about how the sun can fade material on furniture or clothing to realize that your speakers will not benefit from being exposed to UV rays all day long. UV exposure can weaken the speaker cone, among other things, so you will want to be sure to keep your speakers out of direct sunlight.

  1. Physical Damage

While this might seem obvious, do be sure that your speakers are not going to fall over, be knocked into by heavy things, or be used as tables or surfaces to hold objects. These kinds of stresses can cause damage that can be impossible to reverse. Your speakers will be better off if they are kept out of the way so they cannot be tripped over or bumped into hard.

  1. Loose Connections

If the connections that bind your speakers to the rest of your sound system become damaged or loose, there might be signal inputs that can damage your speakers. Avoid this problem by checking on the connections to your speakers at least once a week. This will avoid damaging vibration and signal inputs that can ruin speakers.

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Caring for Your Speakers Will Ensure They Last for Years

So long as you take good care of your speakers, they should last for years. High-quality speakers are made to last and should not require anything more than the usual care and caution about knocking them over or bumping into them. In addition, quality speakers are usually protected by warranties which can ensure that they can be repaired or replaced if something happens to them.

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