Can You Take Large Speakers on a Plane? (Answered)

As with most travel-related items, those wanting to bring large speakers aboard an aircraft must abide by its rules and regulations regarding size and weight. Furthermore, their speakers must meet guidelines regarding removable or non-removable batteries/power sources/capacity. Finally, travelers must make sure that their speakers are disconnected during takeoff/landing for safety purposes.

Can You Bring Removable Batteries On an Plane

Portable speakers equipped with removable lithium batteries are typically allowed on board airplanes as long as they do not exceed in size or are too bulky. Depending on the airline policy, portable speakers may either be taken in as hand luggage or checked bags for transport; depending on their energy density level however, additional security measures and hard cases may be implemented for added protection during their flight.

Can You Bring Large Speakers In Checked Luggage?

This depends on the policies and regulations of the airlines you are traveling on. Most airlines consider speakers fragile items that must remain powered off during takeoff and landing to ensure safety reasons, thus necessitating packing them carefully into hard cases with plenty of padding for protection from damage or even theft; some may require further inspection and X-ray scanning prior to check in.

Some airlines, including Delta, American and Southwest, permit passengers to bring large speakers in their checked luggage; however, this isn’t always the case and so you should visit your airline’s website for more details before travelling. Furthermore, speakers must fit within any dimensions or weight restrictions your carrier imposes on carry-on luggage.

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Small portable speakers should pass through TSA security checks without issue, but larger speakers might cause suspicion, particularly those with unique designs or appearing to contain suspicious materials. TSA officers may choose to conduct further checks or even confiscate them at airport security.

Though carrying large speakers on an airplane isn’t prohibited, you will need to follow TSA’s guidelines when passing through airport security with them. Otherwise, they will likely have to be packed in your carry-on baggage instead.

Note that TSA regulations do not necessarily apply to all airports and air carriers, as each has their own set of standards and procedures. Therefore, you should contact the airport of your departure to learn their policies regarding how you should pack your large speaker for your upcoming journey. In general, packing it as carry-on luggage offers more freedom of size and dimensions of device when compared to checked luggage.

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