Advantages of providing toys to children

Kids of all ages enjoy playing with toys. Whether it be a young child or an old person, holding a toy in hand brings a sense of happiness every person’s mind. Kids from a very young age form a bond to their toys, and this helps in the emotional development of them.

In today’s world toys are not just a means of entertainment and fun, but along with these they also provide many educational benefits. Toys come in various shapes, colors and sizes that help in stimulating the brain of a child. Certain toys such as the Rubix cube are used even by adults to keep their mind sharp. Here are a few advantages of providing toys to children,

1) Stimulates the imagination –

Toys are a great way to bring out a child’s inner creativity. Toys to an adult may not mean much but to a child, toys are their whole world. While adults see tiny blocks of color, children see a colorful castle or building equipment that they can use to create something new. As toys come in various colors and designs children usually try to draw them and boast about them to their friend by creatively describing them in a manner that they see the toys.

2) Social Benefits –

Owning various forms of toys teaches a lot to children. When a child gets a new toy they usually try to explain about it to their friends are share it with them, thus building a social bond with them. It teaches them how to be responsible. As a child who loves their toys will do anything to preserve it for an extended period of time.

3) Improves motor skills –

It is a proven fact that children between the ages of 5-8 learn new skills every day, thus by providing them with a variety of toys helps them to develop these skills. Toys such as Rubix cube which involve a lot of movement helps children achieve better hand-eye coordination and also improves their motor skills.

4) Education –

Various toys such as puzzles, lego, and Jenga are both fun and educational to children. They help in the critical aspect of thinking and helps them develop self-esteem, pride and a positive attitude. Toys also help to build curiosity in a child that intern makes them gain more knowledge.

5) Emotional Development –

There are various toys out there in the market that help children express their emotions. Playing with Dolls, Playhouse, and various other toys help a child to learn empathy and also teaches them how to obey rules. They teach them how to be humble and even the right way to treat another person. Having toys that require two people to play it helps children learn qualities such as sharing and teamwork.

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