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Release 2 Sledsters to ship Tuesday

Collectors who have placed their pre-orders for the gorgeous Release 2 Sledsters will be happy to know that The Custom Crew guys spent this past Thursday unloading and sorting 400+ cases of product in order to prepare for getting orders out the door. Shipment preparation will begin on Monday (yes, they’ll be working through the holiday), and orders will begin shipping on Tuesday.

Custom Crew Sledster - Release 2Custom Crew Sledster - Release 2

Still haven’t made your purchase? Head over to the official Custom Crew website to place your order. Release 2 Sledsters are available in 4 colors (two standard colors, two chase crewzer colors) and are priced at $59.99 each. Chase Crewzers will be randomly offered to Release 2 customers as an additional purchase.

[via customcrewstore.com]

The Sledster, Release 2 Sneak Peek

“Big Lou” Tanahara and Bossco were in full-effect at The Custom Crew booth during the 2009 DiecastSpace.com Super Convention. Not only were they introducing many to the Sledster for the very first time, but they gave everyone a glimpse of what’s to come in Release 2!

The pieces in Release 2 will include both the Fire Truck metallic blue with flames Sledsters. Be sure to look closely at the first two shots in the set to see a mock-up of the “flat-bed” Sledster that will appear (hopefully later this year) in a future release! Note that these Sledsters are prototype pieces and currently feature decals and slightly different colors on the graphics than will appear in the production run. So, be prepared to be blown away because the final versions are look even better come this May!

Bonus Sneak Peek!!

Not only did convention goers get to see the next release of the Sledster, but we also got to see these cool renderings of “The Sledster II!” The Custom Crew is taking things to the next level by offering these ladder and wrecker truck versions of the COE! There is currently no release date information available on these pieces, but I’ll be sure to pass that info along as it becomes available.

The Sledster II - Ladder TruckThe Sledster II - Wrecker Truck

Don’t forget that Release 1 of The Sledster can be purchased at The Custom Crew store while supplies last!

Special thanks to my sponsor, DiecastSpace.com for making my trip to the convention possible!

Connecticut Valley Diecast Holiday Dinner Wrap-up

Connecticut Valley DiecastI feel fortunate to live in New England and be a diecast collector. My location in Massachusetts allows me to access about 6 states within a two hour drive, and that opens up an opportunity to connect with many of the clubs that have been established in those areas.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of being invited down to the 2008 Connecticut Valley Diecast (CVD) Holiday Dinner. Club President Ken Cwikla and his staff put together an amazing day full of diecast activities and surprises. It was an honor to join Mike Zarnock and Bob Parker (unfortunately Charlie Mack could not attend) as part of the special guests in attendance. The morning began with the CVD monthly meeting that featured a packed room filled with buy/sell/trade tables and the club’s fantastic downhill racetrack. The Chinese Auction featured many great items to tempt collectors such as a Since ’68 40th Anniversary set and a Burgundy Sledster that was graciously donated by Luis Tanahara and The Custom Crew.

The meeting ended at noon and everyone moved upstairs to take part in the holiday dinner. The dinner tickets also served as part of multiple raffle drawings that were pulled while everyone enjoyed the buffet. After dinner, Ken Cwikla presented the members of the club staff with some surprise (and well deserved) thank you gifts for all their hard work during the year. Ken was also presented with a 1:18 scale Orange Challenger that was signed by the staff and special guests.

The afternoon continued with a few short speeches by Bob Parker and Mike Zarnock. Both of them provided interesting backgrounds on their careers as well as what collectors have in store for events that they will be a part of in 2009. Mike even hinted that he’ll be making a very exciting announcement (involving Mattel?!) in the near future! I also stepped up to the mic to fill collectors in on what has been happening with diecastAUDIO and the great guests we’ve been having on Saturday Nitro Live. Speeches aside, the special guest who got the most attention was good ol’ Saint Nick who arrived in time to hand out some great gifts to the kids. The day wrapped up with autograph session with Bob and Mike where collectors could order copies of their books and have an opportunity to ask questions in a more up close and personal fashion.

Ken Cwikla of CVDBob ParkerMike Zarnock

Autograph sessionCVD Autograph SessionCVD Autograph Session

Connecticut Valley Diecast is a great family-friendly club and the staff did an amazing job putting on such a great event. I highly recommend that you check out the club’s monthly meetings if you live anywhere in the New England area. They meet on the first Sunday of the month in Windsor Locks, Connecticut. A meeting schedule and directions can be found on the CVD website. Definitely check them out – you’ll be glad you did!

The Custom Crew represents at SEMA 2008

SEMAI had the pleasure of hanging out with Lou Tanahara and Bossco from The Custom Crew at the Rodtana booth for much of the week at SEMA. It was my first time seeing The Sledster in person and it absolutely blew me away! If you’re currently on the fence in making a purchasing decision, then rest assured that you won’t be disappointed. Everything about it is top-notch – including the fantastic packaging.

The glass case contained both the black (with flames) and burgundy Sledsters that are available now, as well as custom painted pieces from Chris Walker, Jay Holt and Sheri Abbey that were first seen at the LA Hot Wheels show.

One of the best parts of spending time at the booth was watching people’s expressions as they checked out the display. Everyone’s reaction was 100% positive and I’m sure The Sledster made some die cast converts during the week. I won’t be surprised if quite a few sales have been made this week as a result of the show!

Special thanks to my SEMA sponsor, DiecastSpace.com for making this content possible!

The SEMA Experience

“WOW!” is first word that comes to mind after returning home from Las Vegas and four long days at the 2008 SEMA show. The event is truly a car enthusiast’s dream and definitely the place to be with over 120,000 attendees from around the globe enjoying the best of what’s hot in the automotive world.

From a die cast perspective, the manufacturer’s presence at the show was definitely pretty thin. The primary players this year were GMP Diecast, Shelby, M2 and Welly. Mattel was missing from the show this year however, Hot Wheels designers Larry Wood and Jerry Thienprasiddhi made appearances at the PPG and K&N booths respectively. The dynamic duo of Chip Foose and Carson Lev could be found at the BASF and Pirelli booths and Joe Kelly Jr. from The Car Room magazine shared some space with the GMP crew as well. Last but certainly not least, was “Big Lou” Tanahara and Bossco from The Custom Crew who let me camp out at the corner of the Rodtana booth and soak in the coolness of the Sledster!

Jeff Glasson and The Custom Crew

Needless to say I took a TON of pictures and shot quite a bit of video over the course of 4 days. During the course of this week I’ll be grouping the shots and creating several small “themed” posts. All of the pictures will ultimately be up on my Flickr account, and I’ll update this post when they are finally up.

Special thanks to CJ and the crew at DiecastSpace.com for the sponsorship!

More to come – stay tuned!