Limited Edition pieces announced for 2010 DCX Expo

The DCX Expo returns to the Fairplex in Pomona, California this year on March 20th & 21st. Along with its return comes an opportunity for collectors to pick up some limited edition custom pieces being made specifically for the event.

This first piece announced is this custom 1:24 scale Divco that has been designed to match the style of the DCX Dairy Delivery offered at the 2007 expo. The run is being limited to just 50 pieces, and they are available for $55 each. Collectors who are interested in this piece should note that the 2007 Dairy Delivery shown in the picture does not come with the Divco, and is only shown for design reference.

M2 Machines will be in attendance at this year’s event and has produced a limited run of the 1970 Ford Gran Torino GT casting. The standard edition run is limited to 492 pieces and ships in the standard M2 packaging for $17.00. They have also produced a chase version for the show that is limited to just 108 pieces. Chase pieces will be randomly inserted into orders that are placed through No information is currently available on how they will be distributed during the event itself. Both versions also have an official DCX show sticker that indicates the run quantity.

DCXTorino492 DCXTorino108

Pieces purchased through Diehard-Diecast will ship on March 22, 2010 or you can request to pick up your order at the show.

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3 Responses to Limited Edition pieces announced for 2010 DCX Expo

  1. Wow, this is what i really like, some exclusivity in my collection, and this pieces are great, the design are amazing.

    Thank for share this!


  2. WoloMan says:

    There was never such a car as a “1970 Ford Gran Torino GTO”…you combined three different cars!

    As the pic shows…it should read “1970 Ford Torino GT”.

  3. Jeff Glasson says:


    Thanks for catching the typo! – I think I was looking at the photo of the GTO grill on the packaging (which is also strange and confusing) while I was typing.

    Cheers, Jeff

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