Top Diecast Conventions of 2009

Is it just me or does it seem that 2009 will be a great year to be a diecast collector? If there’s one thing to be said about our hobby, its there’s no shortage of diecast conventions in the near future! Here is a quick list of the best multi-day events happening across the country this year (listed in order of occurrence):

2009 Super Convention2009 Super Convention
I’ve been talking about this “first of its kind” event for a while now, and its really shaped up to be one heck of a time! Its the first time almost all the major mainstream diecast manufacturers will be present under one roof. Mattel, Johnny Lightning, GreenLight, M2 and GMP as well as a gathering of the country’s top diecast customizers will descend on Las Vegas from February 18th – 22nd. If that wasn’t enough, the first ever Diecast Hall of Fame induction ceremony will be taking place to honor somme of the best names in diecast and the automotive industry.

Very few tickets are left to this great event. Visit the official Super Convention site for ticket availability and pricing.

9th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals
Unofficially dubbed the “East Coast” Hot Wheels Convention, this Mike Strauss run event moves from city to city each Spring. This year it lands back in Reston, Virginia from March 25th – 29th. The week is always packed full of great events and fantastic ion-room trading. This year’s special guests include Howard Reese, Mike McClone, Phil Riehlman, Wayne Scott and Larry Wood.

Tickets are on sale now and will be available until March 5th or when sold out (which ever comes first). They can be purchased online with a credit card or with a check and the mail-in form.

Wild Weekend of Hot WheelsWild Weekend of Hot Wheels 6
Randy Price’s Wild Weekend of Hot Wheels returns to Connecticut this year on July 30th – August 2nd. This year’s event will offer a variety of events including a Guinness Book of World Records attempt for the Longest Track. Convention vehiles are being produced by Mattel this year and special guests will include Larry Wood, Mike Zarnock, Bob Parker.

A variety of ticket packages are currently available on the official Wild Weekend of Hot Wheels 6 website.

2009 Summer SmashHot Wheels Summer Smash 2
Jim Lombari and the Rhode Island Hot Wheels Club are bringing the diecast fun back to Warwick on August 27th-30th for the 2nd Annual Hot Wheels Summer Smash. This year offers four full days of activities and convention vehicles from both Mattel and Liberty Promotions. Special guests include Larry Wood, George Soulakis, Mike Zarnock and Bob Parker.

The official Summer Smash website is up and tickets are now on sale.

23rd Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention
Traditionally the larger of the two “Strauss” conventions, this California based convention is usually the most grand seeing that Mattel is headquartered just up the road in El Segundo. Dates for this event typically land in October with the official announcement coming out shortly after the Nationals in Reston are over.

Some collectors felt that the 2008 convention was a little lacking in its 40th Anniversary year. Perhaps the 40th Anniversary cross-counrty tour drained a little bit too much from the coffer. It should be interesting to see how this convention compares to the others happening earlier in the year – especially since Mattel is participating in the all of them.

The world might be in an economic frenzy right now, but the future is certainly looking bright for the world of diecast!

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