Kmart Collector Day Event reminder

KmartThis is just a quick reminder to collectors that participating Kmart stores around the country will be hosting another “Kmart Collector Day” this coming Saturday, September 20, 2008 at 9AM (local time). For those who might be new to these events, its an excellent opportunity to open you own fresh case of Hot Wheels and obtain several new cars that Mattel includes specifically for the day. For some, this day also provides an opportunity to find a Treasure Hunt or Super Treasure Hunt as well!

This time around collectors can look forward to finding the following three cars in special Kmart-only colors:

  • - 2008 Corvette ZR-1 (2008 First Edition in Yellow)
  • - 1965 Mustang Fastback (2008 First Edition in Black)
  • - 1971 Plymouth GTX (2008 All Stars in Blue)

You’ll also find the following “First to Market” cars:

  • - Custom ’62 Chevy (2008 First Edition)
  • - 1941 Willy’s Coupe (2008 All Stars)
  • - ’69 Camaro Z28 (Web Trading Series)

Click here for a list of participating Kmart locations. Images of each car can be viewed here.


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  1. [...] that the latest Kmart Collectors Day has come and gone, the special events continue with the Kmart 2008 HOT WHEELS Collector Edition [...]

  2. Douglas Brown says:

    Hello i am a collector of a few years and i’m allways out of the loop when it comes to Kmart collectors days i have miss all of them and when i did try to get to one i got there to late like 20 min after it was over now i live in rochester mn and only live 3 blocks from a kmart so my chances are getting better but i still need to know when the next one will be so it would be the best thing ever if you could keep me posted to when the next one is i would realy appreciate it thanx

    from one collector to another thanx
    Douglas Brown

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